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Jennifer Jones

How to know and how to claw your way out.

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Here are some signs to look for and ways to help both of you.

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There’s a right way to make an apology, and there are ways to heal when you deserve one but don’t get it

Scrabble pieces “I am sorry”
Scrabble pieces “I am sorry”
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Why we do it, why it’s bad, and how to stop.

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And 4 steps to help break the cycle.

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I thought I’d be mad, but it’s just pity.

How to know and what to do about it.

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Because we’re all badasses in the ladies’.

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Let Me Paint You a Picture

How to overcome life’s punches through writing.

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It’s not your job to keep me comfortable.

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Jennifer Jones

Therapy, Me, & the 38103: Stories about life, trauma, recovery, creativity, and finding a way in this place from a kid who’s finally getting her sh*t together.

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