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If we got a dollar every time somebody asked us “What is Draivn?”, we wouldn’t need investments for the next 20 years. But let’s not wait years and answer it now. There are two main things you should know about Draivn:

❗ It’s an open mobility and telematics data harmonization platform.
❗ It solves the problem that no telematics, IoT, or insurance provider could resolve for the past 10 years.

And the problem is:

1️⃣ Mobility stakeholders want to introduce some scalable innovative data-driven services. For that, they need telematics data from their clients — fleets and commercial vehicles.
2️⃣ They…

Last week, we decided to kick off the blog to tell the story of the Draivn team till now and share the daily grind of a start-up in real-time. Easier said than done.

Good news. Even if you are a small team, your CPO covers product and sales, the CEO deals with fundraising and business development, and the CMO works on the website, blog, social media, etc.
Bad news. …

- Telematics doesn’t work in insurance.
- Fender Stratocaster doesn’t sound in Zahar’s hands.
- The drums don’t keep the pace when Alex plays them.

All that has one thing in common — a workman always blames his tools. Just like the guitar or drums don’t do the musician, telematics won’t do insurers’ job.
Telematics collects data, analyses it, and grants insights to insurers to build data-driven services and products. But the insurer should make the most of this data and scale the business on top of it.
Considering the latest mobility dynamics, it’s obvious that both business and personal customers don’t…

Stepping into September, we are ready for the release of the Draivn platform! The first version offers basic features to be tested by the inner circle of major insurers and other mobility stakeholders in the EU and US.

We still have much to do with product development, fundraising, team building, and GTM. But there’s always time to reflect on this long, intense and bold journey till now. It’s not about feeding the ego, but fuelling small teams of enthusiasts globally. Let’s see how much even a small team can do when inspired.

100 meetings with the biggest insurers (…

Draivn and Otonomo

❗ Oh God, look! There is a fly in the ointment.

Though everybody talks about OEM embedded telematics these days, the technology is hardly on a large scale, boasting loads of hype and talks. And Otonomo proves this fact with less than 500k revenue in 2020 while having access to ❗40 mln❗ vehicles. This clearly shows that customers still do not see the value of OEM-provided data and simply do not buy it (or better usage of the data is still limited).

When we were getting started with Draivn as the open mobility platform, we focused on fleet motor insurance companies. They were a perfect match for Draivn due to data source diversity, the number of vehicles operated in this field, and other reasons described in our previous posts.

But after dozens of discussions with industry leaders and deep market analysis, we understood that Draivn’s potential is far beyond motor insurance. It brings value to all the mobility stakeholders that build their proposition on telematics data: fleets, leasing, breakdown, maintenance, tier 1s, IoT, and IoB companies.

Draivn for maintenance, breakdown, fleets, leasing, IoT and IoB.

This idea derives from Draivn unique…

Do you remember the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” story? For the past ten years, thousands of UBI, Pay-per-Mile, and other telematics-based service providers for insurers have been crying:

“Our solution will revolutionize the industry!”

And it never happened. In most cases, because insurance clients have been working with closed proprietary systems serving some market fragments without the possibility to scale.

Draivn Open Mobility for B2B and B2B2C

But these days the situation changes, and we see the emerging revolutionary telematics-based projects.

By Miles, Mile Auto, Metromile, and traditional insurers, like the innovative Progressive Insurance, Discovery Insurance, and even conservative GEICO (who seemed to miss the bus from…

Remember stock brokers rolling in money in The Wolf of Wall Street? With Draivn, insurance brokers will soon behave just like this. Let’s see how the future mobility platform will drive the brokers rich and successful by offering:

Best deals from insurers/reinsurers.
Unique selling propositions to attract and retain customers.

From the previous posts, you know the unique feature of Draivn — the capability to access any existing mobility data source and harmonize telematics data. And this is why it’s even more important for brokers than for insurers.

Draivn Open Mobility

Initially, we designed Draivn for insurance companies with dozens of diverse clients…

For the past ten years, the world has been too busy connecting every object that can be insured to the Internet. Now we have thousands of data sources, telematics devices, and platforms used by commercial fleets.

A great opportunity on the one hand, and a great problem on the other.

Tons of valuable data are waiting for insurance companies, MGAs, and brokers. But the information is so diverse and distributed, that they can’t receive, harmonize, and contextualize the data from all those sources.

For example, you are an insurer who works with B2B and B2B2C segments.
Your clients are a car-sharing…

TechCrunch reports Flock to secure $ 17,000,000 investments. What does it mean for you?

Spoiler: One small step for Flock, one giant leap for the industry.

Draivn and Flock

For years, the world has been buzzing about telematics in insurance and the infinite business opportunities it opens. But in real life, its implementation was limited, especially in commercial vehicles equipped with telematics solutions from various vendors.

Even with the rise of B2B and B2B2C and connected mobility — delivery, car-sharing, private-hire, subscription, and leasing, etc. …


We are an open mobility company on a mission to democratize telematics data.

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