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Bitcoin Blast’s Keyword performance on Apple App Store for first week

We launched Bitcoin Blast for iOS devices on Friday, January 24, 2020, and by all accounts it was a hit. The chart above shows where Bitcoin Blast sat day-by-day in the keyword ranking. We were trending up and to the right on every stat we had available to us. Bitcoin Blast on the Apple App Store was crushing it.

Removal from the store

Just six days after launch, Apple called. A member of the Apple App Store Review Team explained that Bitcoin Blast had been given a second evaluation by their review board, and they had decided to remove it from the store.

In contrast to our Google Play experience, Apple provided us with advanced notice and gave us a human touch-point that sat on the phone for as long as I wanted to answer detailed questions about why our app needed to be removed. The representative pointed to specific policies and provided their interpretation of why they believed we were in violation. …


👑Dan Rice

Co-Founder and CTO 👑Bling Financial — Let’s make money fun

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