Bitcoin Blast’s Keyword performance on Apple App Store for first week

We launched Bitcoin Blast for iOS devices on Friday, January 24, 2020, and by all accounts it was a hit. The chart above shows where Bitcoin Blast sat day-by-day in the keyword ranking. We were trending up and to the right on every stat we had available to us. Bitcoin Blast on the Apple App Store was crushing it.

Removal from the store

Just six days after launch, Apple called. A member of the Apple App Store Review Team explained that Bitcoin Blast had been given a second evaluation by their review board, and they had decided to remove it from the store.


Update 1/28: Since publishing this article, after a week of suspension, Google just emailed us and removed our suspension. We still have many unanswered questions, and we are waiting for the app to be republished to the store. More updates to follow.

Update 1/30: We are still waiting for our app to be re-listed in the store, now waiting two days. We have been told it may take up to 7 days for them to complete a thorough review of our app to make sure it’s safe for users. Note that during this process, our app remains unlisted. …

I’m writing this for those of us who have a dream. We have a dream of building things that are used by millions or even billions of users every day. One of my company’s investors and advisors, put it this way:

We all have one life to live. Why not work on things that have the biggest impact possible?

Terrence Yang

For years and years I was paid well to build software on behalf of other companies, but deep in my soul, I was always unsatisfied. It felt like I had trained my whole life for the Olympics, but was…

As a co-founder of a company that is building smart contracts and using blockchains, I spend a lot of time thinking about market traction. As I have researched companies that raised ICOs a couple of years ago, I’ve been appalled to find that very few of them have a focus on practical usability at all, and thus traction. There are a couple of different philosophies that can guide a crypto-space project in regards to traction.

One is to build and integrate into the existing blockchain ecosystem with the mentality “if you build it they will come”, meaning some teams do…

Amidst the many product announcements, user stories and other important milestones we will be posting here over the coming months, we want to make sure we take time to introduce the team behind Sagewise. Ultimately, the success of a project comes down to the skill and dedication of the people behind it, and Sagewise has one of the strongest teams in the blockchain space, along with particular expertise in the legal sphere. In this post, we highlight the Founder of Sagewise, Amy Wan.

Amy founded Sagewise in 2018 after realizing the potential chaos that could arise from smart contract disputes…

Multiple exchanges have now halted trading for a number of ERC20 tokens due to a newly discovered smart contract bug called Batchoverflow. Batchoverflow is an exploit discovered where a public function called “batch” can be maliciously used to create additional tokens on some ERC20 token contracts. A hacker recently attacked two specific ICO contracts using this approach, minting billions of unplanned ICO tokens, then attempted to transfer them to an exchange to sell them off. …

The clock is ticking on your cryptocurrency

Spectre and Meltdown do not represent a simple exploit, but rather a newly discovered type of side channel attack that affects all modern cpus from your smartphone cpu to your computer. The entire computing world is at risk.

The basics of the attack

Imagine a person was sitting in a chair just before you walked into a room. When you walk in the room, they ask you to guess which chair they were sitting in. While you cannot go back in time and see, you could simply feel the chairs in the room and find out which one feels warm. This is analogous to a…

I have bitcoins stored on paper wallets that I created a few years ago and wanted to sell the associated bitcoin gold which ended up being more complicated than anticipated, so I wanted to detail my journey in case it helps others who may want to do the same.

Private keys are precious

If you have had a bitcoin paper wallet for any length of time then the paper wallet contains keys that hold bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and bitcoin gold (amongst other forks and snapshots). …

Earlier this year, an Ethereum developer Nick Johnson wrote a blog with his thoughts on IOTA that I agree with, but I wanted to go deeper on a few things.

Let me start off by saying that the price of any asset may not directly correlate to the technology of the project and I intend to talk about technical merits of IOTA in this article. The price may go up or down in the future. I really don’t know. Building a cryptocurrency is largely about community, ecosystem, and branding — IOTA has excelled at those. Ecosystem is the reason why…

In 2014 I was working heavily on multi-signature escrow solutions around Bitcoin specifically targeted at high priced transactions. The idea being that escrow is generally expensive and multi-signature Bitcoin transactions could speed that process up along with cutting cost. The problem we quickly ran into was the Bitcoin price volatility.

👑Dan Rice

Co-Founder and CTO 👑Bling Financial — Let’s make money fun

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