Murakami — the 3rd.

Well, I know, we are all different. We are all unique. We are just who we are. Hard to find people who we have lots in common. But, there are those people who you are so similar with, there are those places where those people are around you.

London. Not the prettiest city, we should all admit. Especially for me. I left my heart with my lover, Istanbul. The connections we have with people are usual. But the connections we have with things? Places? Istanbul is one of those places that I’ve connected deeply. Never had a chance to discover it as much as it deserves, but late is better than never. One day, I will go back to my love.

But, London. Let me admit, here, my inspiration is coffee. For those who knows me even a bit, they know how much I love coffee. Can’t live without it, won’t live without it! Since the first day I came London, have been trying to find the one, smell-wise, taste-wise. Well, haven’t found the one yet, let me be honest. But there are plenty of them which have potential to be the best. (Sounds like a relation status, but no, I am still talking about coffee, I swear.)

Today woke up with this anxiety. Have so much in mind to figure out. So much concerns and questions. Lately, I have realised something about myself, again. I am so good at convincing myself. I swear, it is horrible. Emotionally and logically, I can justify everything that I do and convince myself. Self-manipulation. Well, I have been called “bossy”, “dictator”, “the sultan”. Who would not expect that I would convince myself as well, right?

Anyways. I just wanted to talk about coffee and London. But things get escalated so quickly in my mind. Let’s get back to the topic. I woke up so nervous. I said, today, there should be a marginal progress in that fucking dissertation (clearly, it is not happening that much, but still do have plenty of time — today).

Just left home to work at this cute coffee shop. Have been here before, but they did not have wifi for me to work. Now, they have it. New place. Nice design. Good coffee. Not strong, but smooth and tasty. I love the design. Simple. Modern touch but also old.

I love the table I work. Typewriter! Old, cool, so nice. Touching it made me so happy. Now, I am back to this modern keyboard… (disappointment) There are books and paintings around. So fucking inspiring. I like old and simple things. I like it in the modern world. It feels like a luxury.

The most important part of the day, and end of the entry.

Murakami. First when I heard of him, it was last year around November. Than I forgot about him and never bought any of his book. Thereafter, a month ago, I heard about him again. But again, me going to bookstore to look for his books did not happen again.

Today, when I was taking the picture, I found a book. 1Q84. I do not speak or write Japanese, that’s why could not understand who was the writer. But, the title was so inviting. So I googled it. Murakami. This guy has to be in my life. I need to read this dude. I need to know who he is (not in person, but you know what I mean).

Story of the day. Murakami IN!

16.8.16 — London — The Travel Cafe.

Simple and Old, The Travel Coffee, London. Murakami IN!