3 reasons to jump into the unknown

I am about to board for a flight to Southeast Asia. While I am thinking about the comfort (hopefully) of the flight, lying in the sun and pretty much nothing else I have a feeling of excitement difficult to express with words. I have always been bewildered by how traveling makes me feel. While some people fear the flight itself , not losing their belongings or knowing where to go, etc, I tend to think the opposite. I take a position of ‘take necessary precautions to allow yourself to embrace the trip and the joy of it.’

That is my mantra.

To me, starting anything new, an experience, impact or even, at a broader level, endeavour in life, has 3 common factors that follow each other and that help identifying what my brain, body and general mood are going through.

  1. You have been thinking about it for a while (the before)

Of course, and, as I already mentioned, not only the thought of it drives action, but it puts you in the right mindset and creates the path you once saw impossible or very, very unlikely. It allows you to speak to the universe and feed your brain with the awesome idea of being there very vividly, despite the many constraints your real life might have at a certain point.

2. It has to ‘turn you on’ (it is coming)

As mentioned before, not everyone is suited for change. Change has an ambiguous connotation. If asked, would you quit your job for a different life? Most people would agree that if the outcome is to have a better life, job or occupation, the answer will be yes. However, if the question is as open as it shows, with no clues around what´s coming after…the acceptance rate plunges. We love to have certainty, and that is total totally understandable and depends on many personal factors. If you are truly excited about the idea and your family, economic situation….allow you to do it. Don’t think twice!

3. Think about the consequences in depth (the after)

But not only traveling makes me feel safe and healthy and excited and so ALIVE, so it does starting something new. The reason is because I think I am intrinsically attached to getting new impacts or emotions. I thrive when I am lost and pretty much refuse to think that everything has to be done in a certain, repetitive way. That causes me trouble sometimes.

And I take this whole embarking thing pretty much to every part of my life. I refuse to think that I have to stick to a working schedule that does not bring me passion or joy, and I have already gone through all that for too long. That means investing wisely in the things you feel passionate about, and try. Dare to make mistakes.

Many people discover it at the age of 15,25 35…others wait until their retirement days. Setbacks will always be there, but we have to identify them and know how to sort them out and discern between what is fixable and what we are really willing to make an effort to change or something that will endure the rest of our days.

Whether you are staying or going, I wish you happy travels!