5 formulas to change consumers into Brand Supporters

You can employ various ways to advertise your brand, prospective customers rely on the views of the previous customers more. Well, we know that ‘word of mouth’ is a powerful weapon that can increase the brand awareness manifolds. This can happen when you can change customers to brand supporters or brand advocates. All the companies are trying to get the major share of the business market by impressing more and more new customers. Creating various business plans and investing an enormous amount to get an infallible marketing strategy that ensures huge customer base. Changing trends suggest at the customer advocacy will be a differentiating factor by 2020. And loyal customer base will serve as the most effective tool for building brand recognition as high retention, they have a great purchasing budget and propagate your brand.

The guidelines for creating avid brand supporters:

A study provided that word of mouth’ marketing can generate twice profits as paid ads. But the question to ponder remains that how can you change customers to brand supporters? So here are few tips that can help you to achieve this target.

Enhance Consumer Journey

The best way is improving the user experience. Make the purchasing process very convenient. Create a customer friendly environment, train your sales staff pitch properly in the complete process. Friendly behaviors can always impress the customers to have a good opinion about your brand thus inspiring them to purchase. This will also create a loyal customer bonding.

Multi channel Retailing

A point to remember is consumers have no time to provide the feedback, so engage into multi channel retailing. There are numerous ways to provide the goods and services to the customers. A successful marketing strategy needs to include a traditional store, online presence with a website and through social media channels. Whichever platform you are using — be it direct communication, your website, email, mobile app or through a phone call you have to be available round the clock.

Some of the consumers may like the traditional way, direct communication you have to convince them. On the other hand, a huge number of consumers prefer digital communication by various platforms, so you have deal accordingly. One thing that really impresses the customer irrespective of any medium used to purchase is the correct and accurate information. So it’s important that you invest a minimal part of your marketing budget for training the employees to deal with the different situations, it will give great results. And to be more evident, most of the companies in the U.S. nearly 60% are going to use the loyalty budget in the coming year.

Social engagement

This step of growing the brand supporters is vital and required complete attention. Everybody is using Facebook and Twitter and you can constantly follow the customer through the comments and feedback. When you receive a positive feedback about ant product or the brand respond to it, mind it it’s the best brand promotion. Respond to it and if you find the customer interested then you may sometimes upsell. Be very careful while dealing with negative comments, address the issue, show empathy and solve it and don’t fail to keep your words.

Solve the issues

No product is perfect and the buyers too know this. This can annoy and disappoint customers sometimes and it’s an important point to address the problem and solve it. Try your level best to understand, think about the solving and removing if something is bad or improve upon it to have a loyal and satisfied customer base. This will enhance the credibility. It improves the customer journey.

Feedback and Testimonials

Users always rely on their friends and peers, and this is one of the best types of brand support technique that can act as a boon in increasing the sales. More that 80% of the buyers trust on the recommendations and information provided by the existing users. So, by encouraging the customers to give the appreciations for the brand and make the consumers brand supporters.

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