Essential Key elements for designing business stationery

Business stationery is the first hand impression creator of a brand infront of its target audience. So the design of this stationery should be attractive enough to hold the attention of its clients for a longer period of time. For creating a positive impact in the minds of the client the paper quality of the stationery matters a lot. It should contain the coherent elements of digital or print design. It can be used for multiple purpose either for an initial introduction of a company or for creating a unique brand identity. The primary mode of branding strategy depends completely on BTL activities where stationery plays a very vital role.

Designing attractive header footer:-

The same style should be used while designing a header or footer of your stationery items for a company. The most vital aspect of stationery is that it should match fully with the business card , website and with other promotional materials. The reason behind it is that business stationery creates the brand identity so if it alters with the other promotional items then it may create confusion in the minds of your customers.

Use of company Logo in stationery:-

Logo design plays a vital role in creating brand identity. So proper use of logo in stationery is essential. As it will help your recipients to identify your company. It creates an instant recognition of your brand which ultimately results in increasing the brand awareness. While designing a letterhead the logo should be placed either in the top or on top left hand side of your letterhead. Uniform Logo design should be used for all business promotional articles so that a clear consistent idea can be created in the minds of the customers.

Selection of color scheme:-

Proper color selection is an essential part of branding through stationery. As it portrays the attitude of a brand towards its target audience. For using a color on a stationery item a proper research is necessary. The color should be given as per the nature of industry and keeping in mind the product or services which a brand delivers to its customer. A uniform color should be maintained on all the promotional items of a brand like on business cards, folders, & on websites to avoid the chances of confusion.

Today also business stationery has the capacity to create a very strong image of your brand towards its target audience. It creates a very long term impact in the minds of the customers. On the other hand it helps to position a brand in the market. So appropriate designing of business stationery is essential to grab the attention of the viewers on a consistent basis. For maintaining the professionalism and strong relationship with the clients these are the most effective tools of brand promotion.