Logo that defines your Brand

Everything in this universe is very useful as it depends on the user how they use it to their benefit to get the maximum. When executed correctly. When correctly executed a logo is the most powerful tool to express a brand’s imagination. To create an effective visual a brand requires more than just graphic design. To design an expressive logo it requires lots of practice, experience, and knowledge. So here are some effective tips which can benefit the Logo Designers:-

1) Preliminary Work is essential: — For designing effective logo preliminary sketches are very important. It can be as simple as paper and pen drawings or drafts made using a vector program such as illustrator. The end part is that you can’t rush or skip any step because it can lead to imperfection. Most of the concentration of effective designer is on preliminary work.

2) Creation Of Balance: — Maintaining proper balance while designing a logo is very important which should look pleasing & appealing. A proper balance can be maintained on each side by using equal color, graphics, size. As it is to be shown to common people, not to a great artist. So the balanced approach, in this case, is the safest one.

3) Size Of the Logo: — Size of the logo also matters a lot in designing. A logo should be flexible enough to adjust to all sizes. For small as well as big promotional tools like letterheads, envelopes, & small promotional items like posters, billboards,& electronic formats such as TV & the Web. So legibility of the logo should be maintained properly.

4) Clever use of color: — Color combination should be chosen wisely. Vibrant colors actually are very uncomfortable for eyes to retain it longer. So light colors should be used to retain the remembrance aspect of the audience. It should look good in black and white.

5) Design & Style suit the company: — The design & style of the logo must go with the personality of the brand so that it looks appropriate and well matched.

6) The goal is recognition: — The ultimate goal is recognition of the brand so eye catching design is essential to keep its effect for a long period of time for that color, typography, font, size, originality, should be maintained properly. To get the recognition from the market.

7) Dare to be Unique: — The uniqueness of the logo is the most vital factor in getting the maximum traffic for the website. So it should not be copied from anywhere else. To ensure the originality of the brand.

8) Go easy on effects: -The effects or the visuals which are used on logo should be as less as possible because it can result in creating annoyance in the mind of the viewers. Powerful tools over usage of illustrator, photoshop, should be as less as possible.

Thus if any designer follows those above guidelines while preparing it then it can be beneficial for both his career and for the company at a large.