Media kit — Building brand awareness and market recognition for your business

There are several means through which you can promote your business. Particularly, in this digital era, you can explore the social media channels for providing information about your business. But when everyone is on it and you face an aggressive competition to get hold of the desired position in the industry. Whereas, we often tend to ignore simple marketing tools that can evoke great brand awareness in the niche. Such an instrument is a Media kit or Press kit.

What’s a media kit?

Generally, it refers to an assembled information or bunch of promotional materials that provides information about a company or brand and made available to the media for advertising and promotional purposes. It’s an effective public relation tool that can be helpful in building the public awareness for various purposes. Such as launching a brand, introducing a new range of products, or simply explaining the brand persona it the best possible way. Additionally, it saves the time of the company as the Media kit has all the information that potential customers want to know from the company’s employees.

It can be a simple informational page in your business website or a complete set of information and product samples that are provided to the media channels or members for the brand promotion. The basic points it covers is the brand name, the biography of the leading name of the company, history of the company’s functioning.

Where can media kit be used for maximum market recognition?

  • Company Launch
  • Takeovers and acquisitions
  • Conference and seminars
  • Activities like trade show or any exclusive announcements
  • To make the media aware of any newsworthy activity organized in the company

The benefits of investing in media kits?

It can be in both formats, print and digital. An efficient marketing campaign can be started with the proper understanding of the buying process. And the steps involved in this procedure are — Research, Evaluation, and Purchasing. That is, through researches for various products, then evaluates to shortlist and then culminating the decision of buying. This is where these tools can be greatly helpful:

  • When the buyers find the information or ad in magazine or newsletter, it enhances the brand credibility.
  • While the phase of evaluation phase, videos, eNewsletter, events can improve the brand awareness
  • The media buyers guide is utterly useful to guide the customer to the buying stage.
  • Information offered can effectively promote the brand 24X7 in various mediums. (like, print, digital and mobile)

Each of it helps in achieving the distinct targets for a culminating to a successful marketing campaign like brand awareness, audience response and social engagement.