Use of smartphones for smart business advantages

Mobile phones have probably become the next best thing to food and water, as we are connected to it for some or other purposes. And the biggies like Samsung, Apple, Sony, Google are exuberantly advancing the technologies to benefit the users multifariously. Making the business owners and general people becoming prone to use it.

No points guessing that smartphone serves as a window to online market for all of us. On a go we always resort to mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops check any information and products even for day to day use. As it is time saving and we get to compare the cost effectiveness sitting at the place you are. Moreover, after the Googles announcement Mobilegeddon in 2015 and keeping on upgrading like AMP, the mobile first approach by preferring mobile-friendly sites more than desktop ones in case of ranking along with SEO efforts. So now it’s high time to know whether all the smartphones can effectively help you get the maximum output from your business or there are some points that make the wise choice for your business types. In the following section you can get an overview the best options for you:

Samsung Galaxy S8

This device is a good one to live up to your expectations. The mobile offers high definition picture with great resolution and 5.8-inch infinity display and set of business-friendly features. S8 is enabled with biometric scanning, including iris scanner and finger impression readability for advanced business security. Samsung Knox — the inbuilt system keeps your business data on a need to know mode. The Snapdragon 835 CPU makes it exceptionally fast performing smartphone and the enough screen space facilitates to use two applications simultaneously, that can be most useful for multitasking. From each and every aspect, whichever you see, makes Galaxy S8 a judicious option for the business entrepreneurs or CEO. Another added advantage is the expandable storage. In case of little tweaking in e-commerce website or monitoring some of the campaign becomes simple with this device.

Google Pixel XL

Pixel in terms of price is little lesser than S8 but lacks infinity screen. Still have other useful attributes that makes it great choice for business requirements. It has 4GB RAM and 5.5-inch display is almost same as the option mentioned above. The fingerprint security, dual camera lenses and superb batter backup (11hours and more). The best part is its a Google product and you can go for services like Project Fi, which requires no contract and charges as per data usage. The beginning plan is only $15 to $20 per month and there is no other deduction from the main account or penalty if it gets exhaust. You can pay $10 for each GB and a pre-loaded application tracking the usages. Google assistance makes using the phone more facile and is the excellent AI assistance as yet.

iPhone 7 Plus

One of the most advantageous point about this iPhone 7 is brand cohesion. If you prefer to have all devices from Apple family and aware with Mac OS then this device will provide a nice Cupertino-designed package. It is considered to be third number in the series of business exclusive phones because of its high pricing. Like the above mentioned two phones this also has fingerprint scanner, fastest processor and good battery life. The screen size is 5.5-inch, but its resolution is less than the rest two. It also falls short in case of port department only has a Lighting port. So if you want listen to music while charging you are at a loss.