Viral Marketing Vs Guerrilla Marketing Which is better cost & time effective

There are basically various types of marketing practices which are used by business houses to build the reputation of their brand but most commonly used tactics now a days is Viral and Guerrilla Marketing to remain alive in the competition. So which tactics are fruitful and when should it be used is an important decision which management needs to decide depending on the budget and time frame which they can allot or spend behind this strategies. So let’s know a bit between this two techniques and their usage on the basis of their competitive advantages.

Guerrilla Marketing:-The term guerrilla has been coined from guerrilla warfare in which soldiers make a surprise attack on their enemies and creates huge damage it is also known as shock nor technique of warfare and then quickly they retreat back without doing a prolonged war for a long period of time in the same manner guerrilla marketing also like this where a marketing message appears suddenly creating a huge impact in the minds of the customers and then disappears. This messages pop out and goes down to create a sudden hit in the minds of the clients but unable to create a long-term impact on the viewers. This is quite different from traditional marketing like placing billboards, banner, or hoarding to display the brand product from a longer period of time.

Viral Marketing: — This is a marketing tactics in which gets its name from a disease inflicted microorganism virus which can spread easily and creates a long-term impact on the health of the infected person. In the same manner, Viral marketing also infects its viewers thinking process towards the services and products of any particular brand and make them so much addicted that like a disease the word of mouth communication and social sharing increases the reach of those brand from one person to another or peer group. Thus it helps a brand to become household names in front of its target audience. This type of campaign creates an irresistible impact in the mind of its viewers.

Examples: — Now make things more crystal clear that what Guerrilla Marketing is and how it is done or practiced flash mobs are the great example of this type of marketing campaigning they suddenly enter in the Que of mob and starts promoting their brand message using billboard trucks where sing dance and spread message of their brand, on the other hand, viral marketing uses online digital marketing platform to spread its message towards its target audience. These type of technique is practiced more in the case of niche marketing.

Cost & tactics: — Guerrilla Marketing is costlier than that of Viral Marketing because it involves more people and arrangements on the other hand viral marketing involves low cost & sometimes cost less to get organic leads and traffic towards a brand awareness process it creates long-term impact, on the other hand, it creates short-term impact on the viewers respectively. Thus from the cost wise & time wise also Viral is superior to Guerrilla marketing tactics