The 97/3 Rule

The old saying was 20% of people are responsible for 80% of Success. Oh how things have changed. Success in America is out there for the taking. When I say Success it means more than just completing a task and having a positive outcome.

To me Success means;


I can keep going but by now you get the picture. At a certain point in my business life, I had a moment of clarity. I somehow understood what it took to become successful in Michigan real estate investing & entrepreneurship in general.

To become truly successful and financially independent you must be able to swim upstream.

Maybe it’s sending hand-written letters to a business associate that you are going to do more business within the upcoming year.

Writing down your dreams first, then your goals, and finally, the action steps to achieve those goals in a measured timely fashion.

Live outside the box and take the path less traveled every time if it will have a greater outcome.

Start with the end in mind.

Most importantly cut the things (people even) out of your life that stands between you and your perfect vision of your life.

DO NOT Let Anyone Crush Your Dream.

On a recent business trip to Ohio, I pulled into a charming little city called Dundee. I found a quaint little used bookstore on Main Street. The owner immediately asked me what I was looking for, I said business books. Before taking me toward the Business, Finance, & Motivation sections she stopped me at a separate bookshelf with some old-looking books on it that we’re around 50–70 years old and explained to me that this section was for books signed by the authors. She then pulled out a new find that was a study guide for the 1960’s focused on helping prospective real estate agents pass their exams! Try to find help like that on Amazon!

A red, white, and blue book caught my eye. To my excitement, the author was one of my favorites and I certainly had never heard of this title before. I grabbed it in anticipation to see if it was discounted enough to justify buying without knowing anything about it.


What I know now I would have paid $3000 for the information that I gained from the book. Are you ready to find out the title???

From the cover:
OVER 100 specific closes, for professional salespeople PLUS over 700 sales questions AND dozens of persuasion procedures to help doctors, ministers, household executives, teachers, parents and FULL-TIME REAL ESTATE ENTREPRENEURS effectively sell their ideas and concepts.

Oaky the full-time real estate entrepreneurs were added in, but it may as well have been titled Hey Dylan Tanaka Buy Me NOW!!!

The book was written in 1982 in a time before all of the sensational self-help promoters of the ’90s through today. Zig Ziglar is the real deal. If you haven’t read him before you need to. What this book really does is go through almost 1000 objections that you will hear as an entrepreneur/business owner/real estate investor/salesperson/human being. The funny thing is in our day and age where Palm Pilots are already a thing of the past, salesmanship 50 years ago is the same as it is today.

If a prospective buyer told Zig, “Yes I know that I need it, I’ll call you when I get around to it”. At that point, Zig would then pull out his business card, on one side was all of Mr. Ziglar’s professional information, on the backside was this…

a Round TUIT

A true salesperson can overcome any objection. Whether it’s by agreeing with their concern or drowning them in features, advantages, and benefits.

Are you willing to give what it takes to be the 3%, or is being in the ordinary 97% majority your destiny?



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Dylan Tanaka

Family is #1. Real estate investing comes next. Founder of #TheNetwork & high school mentor #WinningFutures. All I can leave you with is #ShareTheLove ❤︎