She Didn’t Live

Her bag was from the nineties

But her hair was from the eighties

Didn’t seem she lived to have any more babies

Grocery store on the lake

Laundry Matt on estate

She was lonely as they come

Married to Maury on at eight

Leave the lights on while she sleeps

Cause the floor always creeks

Keeps forgetting when she sleeps

It’s the dog at her feet

Life as simple as it gets

Cause she forgets how to live

Most excitement in the day

Was her make up on her face

Even if it was just to see the doc at her place.

Even though she had a crush

It was never really enough

To pursue a man so wonderful

The fact he was respectable

Only made her dream harder through

shoulda coulda wouldas to

Blank conversations

Always leaving her hanging

Wondering if he thought the same in the words that he was saying.

When they talked he would smile

When she thought all the while

His time was taken by his work

Hoping he wasn’t at all a jerk.

But little did she know

How far this would really go.

When he asked for her digits

For some routine test

But to her this meant the best

Most wonderful and beautiful

Thing that she could ever get.

So she smiled when he called

Only man through it all

such a lovely candidate

Possibilities for date

But bad news was too late

What started as a good day

Would soon enough pass away

With her hand on her heart

And her heart on her sleeve

A nervous tone in voice unlike when she rehearsed.

But instead of a lovely deep voice

The devil would answer

Sorry my love but you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.

And life goes on

staring days at the phone

All these days left alone

No one there to phone home

Realizing in thought

She hadn’t done things she ought

Money wasn’t a fear

Because of her great career

So she packed all her tears

Beside her regrets and her fears

Thinking To herself she needed to get outta here

She took that “midnight train to Georgia”

Just like the old song

To end up sobbing all the way there

All the way From her home

Cause it’s not like she knew someone

To help her with troubles

So she went to a bar

With all of her bags

Making sure that she asked for the strongest drink they had.

The dark liquor was bad

The light liquor made her gag

Almost onto the floor next to a young ladies expensive bag

And she apologized

Through her teary eyes

But the lady shook her head

No even mesmerized.

But someone tapped her shoulder

And she slowly looked up

To the doctor in a business suit

Saying “oh my god, where the hell were you?”

Her drunken stagger was enough for him

To see the sadness caused within

Which is exactly why he came all this way

Just to help her on her way

“Even though it’s only been some days

You need to be at home where you stay

So we can get chemo engaged

So you can live to see another day


My life has been no more than a window

Me looking through the inside this whole time I been here though

Even you weren’t my man in shining armor.

The first time I get a caller it’s only to say I’m a goner.

So excuse me mr Rick with your money on your mind

Chemo isn’t an option for me when I just don’t have time

So even if it’s today tomorrow to December, I gotta make this time so I can actually remember

He says money on my mind?

And here I am just trying to be kind

Get yourself on up

Cause as much as I just spent on us

You shouldn’t be angry enough

To be this rough

On me.

Cause in due time

In due time you can tell

How much my only want is to really see you well

Now grab your sweater and your bags

So we can catch a cab

And I’ll show you one of the best nights you’ve ever had

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