Interesting Places to Visit in London Paddington

There is nothing better than staying in one of the best hotels near Paddington Station when you are visiting London.

Paddington is the center of activity. It is the hub of almost all the train stations in London. It is also where you can find the boutiques, business centers, and lovely restaurants, bars, and pubs that London is known for.

People who want to experience all that UK has to offer find it convenient to stay in Edward Hotel, Paddington.

Paddington links London to the rest of the United Kingdom. It also offers easy access to the rest of London by means of its train stations. The center of most transportation, Paddington Station is likely to be bustling with both locals and guests. The surrounding areas, however, are quite refreshingly serene. A lot of individuals are quite content to experience London just by walking about leisurely and exploring the charming little pubs and quaint shops in the vicinity.

You can drink, eat, shop, and hobnob to your heart’s content in Paddington — and quite easily explore other parts of London from this junction. You can enjoy a walk from the Paddington Basin right through the Regents Canal and the Grand Union Canal, and end up in Little Venice to enjoy all the lovely, serene activities that the beautiful waterside offers.

Like many London visitors, you will enjoy taking a stroll through the calm canal network found right in the heart of busy London. You may even regard it as the highlight of your visit.

If taking a leisurely stroll along a tranquil canal network is not quite on top of your London to-do list, you have many other interesting options.

You can have your fill of the very interesting rather obscure museums that are found in London. You can go to South Wharf Road and explore the Alexander Fleming Museum. You can then head off to the nearby Victoria Miro Gallery that showcases the finest of British contemporary art.

If you continue your exploration, you will find a charming riding stable just a little bit further off. Many individuals like to practice or show off their equestrian skills in the Ross Nye Stable.

You can find the prominent St Mary’s Hospital right alongside the Paddington Railway Station. This notable hospital, established in 1845, is considered as one of the foremost innovative academic health science and medical research centres in the entire United Kingdom. It is renowned for discovering penicillin and pioneering in robotic surgery.

When you visit London, make sure to get a hotel next to Paddington Station. This will guarantee you easy and convenient access to all of the interesting things and charming places that you can find in this bustling city.