Hello, React!

Hello, React indeed. I am really excited about using this framework to design our apps from this point on. The one part about JS that confuses me the most is all the different operators and elements and how there are so many to remember. I feel like pulling my hair out when I am asked to solve a problem and I don’t even know where to begin.

React seems to structure things in a way that is reminiscent of the tree from html and the cascade of css. Those two things I am very understanding of. React seems to be like SASS for JS in a way. If we think about structuring everything based on and around the functionality of the JS, then everything will start to fall in place much better, and sooner. It acts as though it is clearing a path for me to code on and with ease of access for all the tools at hand.

Basically, I understand that React is how we are going to continue on in the future of this course, but also in the future of my coding career and lifestyle.

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