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Spring has been put on hold this week; it’s so cold again, did you like me put the winter jumper back on? Let’s lift your spirit with a new task, give yourself lots of TLC, look closer at what makes you such a wonderful person and celebrate who you are!

When was the last time that you looked at yourself with love in your eyes, not with words saying “not good enough”, “why am I so this, I wish I would be like Miss X, Y, Z…”

Take a kind look at yourself, like watching your best friend, celebrate the things you love about this best friend = YOU. Make a list.

What do you like most about this best friend? Does she make you laugh, is it her sense of humour, her generosity, her wonderful baking or diplomatic skills? Write down everything that comes to mind, what can you remember most? What warms you up?

Does nothing come to mind? Come on? This is you best friend, why do you love spending time with her? How did she help you. Think about a challenge that you overcome? What was the challenge, how did yo succeed, what did you learn?

Next, ask your friends and family what they like about you, why they enjoy spending time with you? What do they find incredible, don’t talk, just listen!

I do hope that by now you have a great list of achievements, brownie points from friends and family. Feel the love, celebrate the beautiful person that you are. Decide what you will do next on your life journey, this list will help you boost your confidence, follow your dreams and walk taller. Aim high, don’t look back, don’t let the negatives comments take hold of you, these are coming from your EGO, trying to hold you back.

This new sense of empowerment, will boost and change your mindset, help you reach levels you could not even imagine. Be brave, refer to your list often, transform it into a mantra, publish it on your Pinterest board, on your desktop.

Go and buy yourself the coat you always dreamed about, book yourself a massage, a new haircut, celebrate this new threshold like a person like you deserves!

Champagne anyone?

Originally published at Blissful Latitudes.

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