My time growing up was unorthodox.

I was born with HIV in 1992. Given the medical information and prognoses was at the time, the doctors told my parents I wouldn’t live to see the year 2000.

In 1999, I’m diagnosed with Hodgkin”s lymphoma and the doctors consider this the beginning of the end.

In 2000 I kick that cancer’s ass.

A lot happens in between, but in 2008, seven years later, I’m diagnosed with that same cancer.

It didn’t go as easily as the first time, from the cancer spreading to my spine, to undergoing an autonomous stem cell treatment…

We got plenty of time. We got nothing but time. We got time to kill. — The Polar Express (2004)

Yes, I did just quote a “kids” movie. Something about truth and the mouth of babes. :)

An incredibly popular message that we’re bombarded with in the media, and especially the echo chambers of our own social feeds, is to ‘live every day as if it were your last’.

I used to think the exact same way.
But because of the 2 points below, I don’t anymore.

You’re Safe

One of the underlying messages of ‘live every day as if it were…

When you break up, there are only a handful of things that only your ex can understand, because their experience is somewhat similar.

One of those things is intimacy. Not necessarily sex, but also kisses, hugs, someone to come home to and so much more.

With the sudden lack of intimacy, there’s also the inevitable event that your ex will become intimate with someone else.

There are more fun things to think about for visual minds like yours truly.

My situation is a bit different, since she is still intimate with the person who’s like 3% the reason for the…

The FDA has designated MDMA as ‘breakthrough therapy’ for PTSD.

This makes me happy for 2 reasons:

1. People suffering from PTSD now have a new way of therapy and I sincerely hope it will help each and every single one of them

2. This adds to the continued dialogue people are having about the use of hallucinogens or psychedelics.

MDMA was the first psychedelic I took about 5.5 years ago.

And, it was amazing.

I was in love with everyone. And in that love, I cared about every single one of the people in that busy park.

Not even for a second did I think about what I wanted or…

After a few years, a marriage where both parties truly loved and cared for the other came to an end.

It's only been a few days and, lucky for me, I'm coping better than I thought I would.

What I want to make this first entry about is identity.

We have the tendency, at least in a monogamous relationship, to "become one" with your partner.

A concept hugely and wrongfully (imo) romanticized by our culture.

And after the words were said and most of the stuff was moved out, I woke up and went to bed, crying and laughing, but…

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