7 Days, 7 Black-and-White Photos

Seven days, seven black-and-white photos of your life. No explanations. No excuses. No captions. No dilly dallying. No waxing poetic. No rhyme or reason, also. AND I will not answer any questions posed to me about these photos, nor will I dignify any comments with a response. This black-and-white photo of my throw pillows, which are actually kaleidescopically colorful in real life, are my first offering and I think it’s cool that I’m focusing on the quotidian, decorative elements of our life but in this drab medium. OMG my dog won’t stop biting his back legs. Poor thing. This next photo (no explanations, no excuses, just move along, people, move along!) is of a streetlamp. See the circle of light it casts onto the sidewalk. I could imagine this being a greeting card, but maybe for death announcements or letters to distant relatives who helped pay for your college tuition. Or maybe an album cover for sort of sad jazz. Normally, I don’t appreciate that kind of stuff, streetlamps, but this project is really making me see streetlights and other inanimate objects in a new way. See the black tangle of branches against the white sky? The little triangle of my cat’s nose? The sensual curve of my coffee cup handle? The rounded off corners of my keyboard keys? The way my skin cells look like paisley and my liver cells look like batik dyed fabric? The way the inside of my eyelids actually have complete movies playing on them, silent movies, night and day? That was Charlie Chaplin! Here is a picture of me pretending to be dead, with my hands folded carefully over my chest and holding a single white rose. I like how dark my lips look in black-and-white photos. I would caption this “She founded the University of Virginia,” but I am not commenting on any of these or captioning them. They really stand on their own.