Secret Showcase of My Family Portraits

The Kelleys in Switzerland
Heath, a boarding school classmate
A friend of Darcy’s, Amy, with her her husband and dog (they used this as their Christmas card)
The Rose Family
Their adored family dog is sickly and must be cradled like a baby after every meal.
Austin and his wife and son. They are foodies and she is a flower artist/florist
Kristy and Bart and family, and Christmas angels
Marina’s husband Marco, the opera singer
A beautiful San Franciscan Family
An Ithaca family with pet and totemic animals
My cousin Eddie and his family, with movie characters and dog
Marshall’s favorite portrait: his high school friend Julie (a beauty, depicted Mona Lisa style) and family, plus ghosts
My friend Jon and daughters and artist wife, as characters in The Tempest
The Reid sisters
Marc, his Israeli wife, and their newly adopted daughter (and cats!)
Mom and Gretchen in wine country, playing cards
Two writers, in love
Javier and his sisters
Christine’s family at Treman Park
Marshall’s cousin Will and his wife Diane and daughters Eleanor (the daredevil) and Harriet (the princess), in Canada
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Oscar-night charades party
A couple and their cars, on Seneca Lake
The dynamic Dina and her Dylan, sledding
Team R, by the Banks of a Wisconsin River
A going-away party portrait from the church
A house portrait for the Bakers
On the night they met and fell in love

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