“What do you want to do when you graduate?”

There is a choice that everyone makes in some point in their lives, to follow a passion and a dream, or to follow a more “guaranteed” path. The path of a steady and in demand job; the one that is a sure pay check, but may not be as fulfilling as doing something you are passionate about. If you are one of those people who is passionate about in demand and steady jobs, you are lucky. For the ones who want to do something a little different, the ones who have to take big chances and risks to get a step closer to what they want, creatives, inventors, athletes and entrepreneurs, it’s a different kind of path.

“Don’t let anyone define your passion for you” Condoleezza Rice, a wise woman who fought hard and made her dreams come true once said.

According to Vickie Elmer, only 30 percent of people actually end up following the career that they dreamed of all of their life.

Some dreams are carried with a person all throughout their childhood, some become clear later in life. Either way, a dream can be a scary thing to follow, for there are always pros and cons to each choice you make, but despite all the cons; not guaranteed, will I make it? Will it be worth it? My family and I may have to pay for some choices I make while trying to reach my goals. There are many ifs that you must be faced and that’s only the beginning. It’s hard work whether you are striving to be an athlete, open a business, or go against what your parents may want for you; it’s not easy! If it were, everyone would do it.

Perseverance, a word any dream chaser is familiar with, meaning not giving up or letting the world take you down. Through all the rejection, the mistakes, and the heart ache that may come along this journey, you have to keep in mind why you started and what drives you. Keeping those thoughts in the forefront of your mind will do wonders. Lose sight of your goals and you will lose your way. In the end, it is on you and that can be scary, but it is the brave ones who push through that fear and come out the other side and in turn realize you have achieved your dreams.

McLean Mills wrote that there are four questions that will help you determine if you want a steady paycheck, or something that you really enjoy. He said, ask yourself, “What do you really want? How are you really going to achieve it? Do you really have options? And Are you ready to work really hard and wait a really long time?” Answering these questions will show you how important your passions are, and whether you are willing to risk, sometimes everything, in order to chase your dreams.

So the question that is asked of us in every family conversation, or by any person that you meet, “What do you want to do when you graduate?” Now you have an answer. Speak the truth and do not be afraid to be judged, because it is what you want to do, and what you truly want to do will make you happy with your life.

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