My Review Of London Real Academy's Life Accelerator Program

July 9, 2017

If you want or need a kick in the arse……then this program will give it to you. There are endless sources out there (online or otherwise) for improving your health, relationships, business etc. but most are short on accountability. This is where the Life Accelerator Program with London Real Academy stands out.

Each week in the program we were given video modules to review. We then have a list of actions we need to complete and we have to be accountable to our entire group (over 50 ppl) on getting them done. For example, we had to establish the daily habit of meditating two times per day. After having done that, we were asked to post a Facebook video telling of our experiences.

For me, the accountability was not about ‘ticking off check boxes’ as we did in a Google accountability document. As a group and individuals, we had regular dialogue and discussion of our actions and any difficulty we may have been having. There was this real sense of kinship, trust and genuinely wanting our mates to succeed in their goals and actions. This was unexpected for me for being an online program.

I’m writing this as I enter week 6 of the program so I’ve not met in person (yet), any of my fellow London Realer’s. That being the case, I still felt a healthy amount of pressure to deliver on our weekly commitments toward establishing key habits to optimize fulfillment in our lives and impact in the world.

So go ahead and give yourself a kick in the arse and join this program. You’ll create a new you, new results and you’ll find new friends for life.

Aaron Law The Empowered Farmer

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