Hello, World!

Would you look at that? I’ve actually started a blog. It wasn’t a very well thought out process, really. Wasn’t planned at all. Like most things in my life. I think I spent the entirety of yesterday just designing it. And still, there’s so much left to do. I look at other people’s blogs and I am in utter awe, but I’m still young and have a long way to go so I’m not that worried.

My username is TheEnigmaticPhoenix (also the name of my blog). You might be wondering how I came up with it. Well you see, I like to think of myself as mysterious (which I am not; or at least, you be the judge of that) and I think the phoenix is such a majestic creature. The ‘the’ is just to sound professional (which, again, I am not; I’m extremely immature, but aren’t we all a child at heart?). The beautiful quote/tagline was coined by my best friend Alice (that’s her pen name). I’m honoured that she made a quote about me. It’s very touching.

For the sake of remaining anonymous, I won’t reveal my name. Or my age (but sharing my social media links kind of serves as revealing that information, but I choose to not dwell on that fact). Which is ironic since this blog is going to serve as a personal diary for me. “A personal diary?”, you ask. By that I mean, I’ll write whatever I want. Whenever I want. Mostly about my life. What goes on in it. Any special occasions. Any ordinary, boring days. You get the picture right?

I made this blog on a whim because I had this sudden urge to write. Just write. Anything. Everything. I don’t really care if nobody visits my blog. I just want somewhere to record my thoughts and feelings. I know it’s not much, but it’ll eventually become something I can look back on when I’m older and reminicse about. It also serves as practice for typing properly and swiftly. Because, you see, I’m going to university this fall and taking notes without a myriad of spelling and grammatical mistakes is my top priority. Well, not exactly top priority, but you get the point.

Speaking of university, I’ll elaborate further in another post, but the title of this post kind of correlates with the stream I’m taking up. I absolutely adore Computer Science and in literally every single one of my textbooks, the first example program is one that asks you to output the words “Hello World!”. I just thought the slight connection to it will give my first post a more personal touch. Not that it isn’t personal enough already. What with all my endless rambling and informality. I apologise for it. I’m just not used to writing about myself. But I am good at writing (I think). I’ll elaborate further in another post.

You’ve probably inferred this by now, but I am a very insecure person. I wasn’t always one, but adolescence happened I guess. It’s important to be sure of oneself and most people think that’s easy, but in actuality, it’s not. But we’ll talk about that another time.

I hope you, whoever you are, take the time to check out my blog. Even if you don’t, I don’t mind. I made this blog for me and for my benefit, but if it benefits others as well, then I’ll be ecstatic. Thank you so much for reading this far and wish me luck!

I’m so ready for what’s to come.

~ TheEnigmaticPhoenix

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