I Replaced The Word ‘Millennials’ With ‘43-Year-Old White Men’ And Now These Headlines Are *Italian…
Amanda Rosenberg

At best these headlines are distractions. More division. Divide and conquer. Hegelian dialectica. Hate speech. Promotes civil unrest. Racist. Does not take into account the plight of bipolar midget lesbians pregnant with unvaccinated zombie fetuses.

Corporate media is lying and dying. And msnbc is the worse they are GE and they got 16 billion of the 08 bailout money. So they are getting paid with our national debt money that Americans have to pay with interest. And we get lies and foolishness so they can watch the bankers take everything.

For USA it started in 1912 on Jeckyll island. It wasn’t the first time Andrew Jackson had gotten rid of them once before.

Try imagine all the other nations that are in debt to the bankers. They want the world in debt to them. So the nations that are in debt are used to get the nations that are not in debt to take the debt by making them allow the banks to control the issuing money. Since they cannot say lets go to war so we can collect money, they use the media to sell war to the nation that is essentially being used to bully the other. They will even sell weapons and lend money to both sides because its so profitable. They are addicted to it. Just look at how the Rothschilds manipulated the press when Napolean was conquered and then had more money than the crown. Since then just about every war has been a bankers war.

This is just some of the things I keep in mind when obtaining information from corporate media. Once you know then its better than learning a magicians trick because you can see right through what they are doing and its so obvious. But it makes me sick. Bad news these days one really has to dig to find the truth, but the good news information is available like never before with the internet. This is why I get all my news from medium.com.