Screen recorder is your learning buddy!

A quick journal on how I have turned the new iOS screen recorder feature into a handy learning tool. For context, I use iphone 6 for almost everything and I learn a lot from videos. Significant part of my learning and entertainment takes place in YouTube these days.

By the way, before using this feature, upgrade your iPhone or iPad’s operating system to iOS 11. If you are in the Android ecosystem, check out this link for some options.

What’s the big deal?

As much I love the breath and depth of YouTube videos, there are few things I get frustrated with when I need to see the video more than once. Yes, most of us need a few times to burn things into our brains.

  1. Skipping Ads second time is around is not a bad idea, especially when you skipped it first time if you could.
  2. Not everything in a video is important. I love Bill Hilton’s piano tutorials but, I didn't need to see the first 5 mins or so of this video.
  3. Not everything in a video is important every time. Like the first 1:20 mins of this video
  4. Remixing a few videos makes sense at times. When all I want to do is learn about G major pentatonic licks on the electric guitar, there is no to be faithful to one publisher. Its perfectly ok to have bits of more than one video.

If you like to (for 2 & 3 above) trim either ends of the video you can you use the edit feature of the iOS Photos app. For anything more than edge trims, iMovies is handy.

How do I get started?

Here a couple of links to help you out. Once set-up, its pretty easy to get going.

You Tube video if you rather watch

Hang on, how legal is it?

This is not my speciality. I am sure Google will be upset if they knew you screen record their videos and share it with the world. This is issue is not new. There are screen recorders for computers. There also is scheduled recording for my Smart TV.

What else can you do ?

In the short time, I played with this feature I also came across a few other use cases.

  • Screen recording a another video to get panning and zooming effects
  • We all play tech-support at some point. Now you tell your mum how to call from a private number by just doing it yourself. Or if you are into making your videos you can tell I could have done a better job in the last scene of this video

A shout-out to @GokuVinoth for unboxing this feature to me the first time.

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