Author: Josh Culler

If you have never heard of Knockerball, it’s about time you do. This is a sport that just about anyone can play, but gives you the thrill of a violent sport! This is possibly the most fun sport I’ve ever played and I have played just about any sport you can think of.

What is Knockerball?

Using huge blown up, plastic spheres that you climb into, the object of the sport is to simple “knock people out.” If you watched my video of “Knockerball,” we actually played a few different games with these.


First off was the simple game of soccer. No, we were not focused on the soccer ball and scoring. The temptation of running full speed at each other and blasting our opponent as hard as we can, was the main priority in our minds.

Protect the President

Next was the game called, “Protect the President.” In this game, one person (myself since it was my birthday) is labeled as the President. The remaining players are split up into teams of “Assassins” and “Secret Service.” The secret service has to escort the President across the field and the assassins have to knock down the President before he crosses the finish line. Needless to say, it was tough and I was knocked down a few times before I finally made it across the line!

The Faceoff

A couple more games were played, but none of that matters compared to…..”The Faceoff.” Two players are set up across from each other. Staring at their opponents, the whistle blows and they unleash a blast of speed at each other. At the last second, they lunge at each other to create a, “Unmovable Force vs. an Unstoppable Object” situation. Then one of them hits the ground and loses. It’s a perfect scenario for anyone that has anger issues or lack thereof.

Do I recommend playing Knockerball…..absolutely. With my video hitting over 1,000 views on YouTube, I can’t help but think, the world needs more Knockerball!

Be warned though, the level of fatigue during and after this sport is insane. Running out of breath is just the beginning. For being in shape, the wind was out of me seconds into playing and I was sore for the next three days. Needless to say, Knockerball is not for the faint of heart.

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