Fantastic Friday: 6/26/2015

Being oppressed is something that I’ve learned is [unfortunately] part of life. If it isn’t my skin color bearing the brunt of difference, it’s my gender. If it isn’t my gender, it’s my sexuality. When it isn’t my sexuality, it’s something else. It’s ALWAYS something. Some days, weeks, months, even years, it feels like one big nightmarish hamster wheel.

Then something fantastic happens and it offers me the clarity and piece of reality needed to jerk me out of darkness. In those moments of darkness, it isn’t all bad. My room for improvement shares its space with light. Part of that room gives me time to fade to black and reflect, plan, and choose what I want conveyed when I start walking towards my lightness of being.

Having marriage equality become more of a reality for everyone in the United States is something fantastic that happened today. I’m sure there are going to be some loopholes found for those who staunchly disagree with this decision. Nevertheless, it’s progress…and that’s what keeps us from sinking so far into darkness that we forget there is a light at the end of tunnel. For some of us that I share another important common identifier with, our light remains clouded. There are other things we relate to more (see: racism since forever) that only seem to be evolving versus making progress we can continue to believe in.

Sometimes it will make us not care to share the happiness of our fellow humans when they get a peace of freedom. What I hope for is that as progress continues we become more unified. Human interests might seem individual because of what we can/can’t relate to but it’s no secret that if one group of people can be oppressed, ANY group can and will. There’s nothing worse than not having the freedom to BE and do things that are considered normal. I identify with the constant urge to be free and control my life because there was a large part of my childhood where it wasn’t my skin color that was being oppressed. It was my entire humanity being controlled.

So my Fantastic Friday isn’t about getting anyone to agree with me. It’s more of a wake up call…we’re humans and oppression doesn’t feel good to any of us. When the thumb of oppression is raised, even if it’s just enough to take a deep breath, I’ll always celebrate…and think of it as an incredible thing.

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