Understanding What’s Coming Next

Decentralized finance, or “DeFi” (as it’s been aptly nicknamed), has been heralded by many as cryptocurrency’s first major use case outside of plain P2P payments, first enabled by Bitcoin. As such, it is now the main focus of developers and investors alike, but there exists precedent for what comes next.

We’re going to analyze what tools we have in the traditional finance sector, versus what has been made available in DeFi today. …

A Short, Simple, Logical Perspective on EOS

I have found myself discussing the future of consensus on a number of occasions, with a diverse group, and the sentiment that many seem to share is that delegated proof of stake (DPOS) is the next step in the evolution of blockchain, or the 3rd wave of blockchain-tech as some are saying. I would like to dive in and open up my current thinking on the subject and challenge my own ideas, and leave others with the chance to formulate their own conclusions if this is the way forward, or simply a short-term creative competitive advantage.— Kyle Forkey

Breaking It Down

Let me…

Converting Real-World Assets to Liquid Tokens

By: Kyle Forkey (edited by Steven McKie)

You may have heard about the recent run-up in price of a digital currency called Bitcoin, which has increased to over $8,000 per unit in 2017. This has made many early adopters of the technology very wealthy; and Forbes has speculated that the price could eclipse $10,000 by the end of the year.

The nature of bitcoin, and the nascent cryptocurrency industry that bitcoin has created since its inception, can sometimes be hard to define. Some people view bitcoin as a global currency, while others view it as a store of wealth much…

Kyle Forkey

Founding partner @Amentum | Founder of @Ethmint | Focused on integrating private/existing industries/assets with the blockchain

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