On July 10, 2018, TechMasters sponsored Start-Up Carnival, a charity event organized by Loopio to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Over 100 attendees gathered outside Toronto’s Steam Whistle Brewing roundhouse for an evening of fun activities including Minute To Win It, Gladiator Joust, and the classic Dunk Tank; in which a few tech executives took turns getting plunged into a tank filled with water.

Attendees were also able to spend time meeting new people and network while funds from activities and sponsors were being collected.

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Expert insights from senior developers and recent juniors

In software development, a ‘junior’ is someone who does not have sufficient skill or confidence to handle professional tasks in full independence or with teams. As a junior, it can feel daunting to know how to contribute as much as possible to a task while learning as much possible from peers. Sometimes, the question of how a career will grow long-term, or how certain decisions will affect a junior’s long-term goals may seem overwhelming.

The members of TechMasters discussed effective ways to handle both uncertainty and stagnation in career development. …

I admit, being a developer, I have not been to a conference or event centred on design. When I found out TELUS digital was sponsoring the December 14 DesignX Toronto event, I took the time. I expected the content to be saturated with graphic design, but my thoughts were immediately quashed by the opening speaker.

The Speakers

Dawson Whitfield, founder of Logojoy, opened up with artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted design tools that are rapidly changing the way we deliberate over our designs.

August 25, 2017 at TELUS digital, Toronto

TechMasters hosted their first conference focused on Functions as a Service (also known as “FaaS” or “serverless”). It was co-planned with Full Stack Toronto, DevTO, Toronto JS, and Functional TO. The speakers and their talks complemented the FaaS topic perfectly by covering concerns such as open standards, security, adoption, and what situations make using FaaS appropriate. The conference lasted a full day, and attendees learned about the tools, emergent standards, use cases, and future of serverless architecture.

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For code, open source software, tools, and more

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Read The Finely-written Manual?” The manual, being the ultimate source of truth and value for that tool or framework you’re learning; at least, so it should. Like many of you developers, members of TechMasters have some pain points and words of wisdom to share regarding how documentation (or “docs”) should be written or read, which I have summarized here. Like software, documentation should be carefully planned, organized, and optimized for easy consumption.

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Element #1: Be Inviting

Like a gentle, yet adventurous path laid before you, getting started should be as easy as taking a breath, or walking on…

It’s time to start a new project, from scratch. Where do you begin? Many times it starts with sketches on paper, or a conversation with other types of developers.

During a weekly discussion, the #TechMasters community shared their insights on how to properly plan a new project, and how to approach prototyping. Whether it is personal or business or you are racing for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), here are some techniques shared by the community.

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Gathering Requirements

Scoping out the project’s requirements and dependencies are essential. Almost nothing beats a notepad when you’re starting out on your own.

I like to…

Graduating with a degree or training certificate last year comes with a certain level of obsolescence in your knowledge capital this year. Being a developer, you must stay current with the technologies of today and those of your workplace. That could mean knowing the latest vulnerabilities in a stack, the newest efficiencies in a programming solution, or the experimental 0.X frameworks that could someday take over everything you currently know.

Being the non-complacent individuals we are, community members at #TechMasters grow and share our resources together on a daily basis. …

The tech community that keeps on giving

I’m not always the go-getter type. Luckily for me, several opportunities managed to find me instead; one was a double internship in Hong Kong at which I learned the LAMP stack from scratch to co-produce a video-recording system, and several years later I’m now finding myself making headway into my career as a front-end developer. …

Enrico Sacchetti

Full Stack Developer (online software). Associated with techmasters.chat and designsystems.community. Inclusive design. Surfacing my intentions. theetrain.ca

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