The add ons of the prince

In order to live in Sweden, like any other country, you must apply for a residence visa. I had the luck of doing so when the refugees influx increased drastically which caused a huge delay on visa decisions. With no visa you’re only tourist and can only stay 90 days in, then must stay 90 days out. And that was my first year of marriage. Like a nomad. With no life, no possibility of working, or studying and having to say goodbye to someone at each three months. This process by itself already worn me out very much. Johan was having a normal life, of course. Working, spending time with his family, going to the gym, meeting friends… During this process I realized he was very VERY messy in terms of how to spend money. He was always broke. Any small trip to a cheap restaurant was like a super extra event. Don’t need to mention I often caught myself very bored when I was in Sweden because I was basically sitting home doing nothing all day while he was at work or at the gym. Every time we decided to go out, he wanted to include his two kidults in it. Ok, nice so I could get closer to them but when you have that much of a tight budget you must set priorities and I dare to think that their kids had a life at that moment! They went to school, had friends, family, spoke the language, not to mention they got money from the government every month and their parents allowed them to spend however they wanted. But every time I tried to show him that, it was a big issue. 
On top of that there was the ex wife. A 50 year old woman that wasn’t so well provided of external beauty but I believed that was a nice, reasonable person. And she was always present. It was valentines day one day, I told him I wanted to celebrate with him and he called her and her husband to join us. And they came. So, yeah… but I still tried hard to be friendly, even bought her presents when I came from a trip and all I wanted was my space to be respected. She requested to add me on facebook and I accepted. She called my husband. Everyday. All the time. Not only about their 17 and 19 year olds but about the computer that broke, their lottery bet they made together every month, their relatives… it started to bother me and he started to get mad at me because I was bothered. In one of the times I was out of the country, he called me to say that “Ullrika had decided that the kids birthday that year would be at our place”. I was like “SHE decided that it was going to be at OUR place? Wait, who’s the wife?” — of course, he got mad and broke up the marriage through the phone. 
I ended up at the hospital, fainted, being carried by my mom and step dad, taking fluid replacement while crying my ass off. He? He went to a bar with his daughter and his daughter’s friend. He also took off his ring and removed my stuff from the bedroom. Two days later after a conversation and deciding to get back together, he explained he didn’t break up because of me getting mad at her, he broke up because he was tired of me complaining about the money (but I saw it as trying to advise him how the money should have be spent more wisely since I refused his offers of getting 100% of his money and managing it myself). And no, no money was mentioned in that fight when he broke up. But that’s how his head works.

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