How I Landed A Brand Deal With AppSumo & How You Can Too!

Chris Cownden
6 min readMay 17, 2024


I want you to see how easy it was for me to get this brand deal with AppSumo and see the potential for you as a new podcaster getting started. It took me exactly 60 expert interviews with founders like Richard White from Fathom.Video, James Mulvany from, Farzad Rashidi from Visme and Respona, Adil Amarsi aka Greatest Copywriter Alive, please lots more to get noticed by

I’m going right down to every last detail in this article to give you everything in easy actionable steps just like the rest of my content is.

This is one of the easiest ways to create brand deals as a creator. You don’t need to be a top influencer or have the best content. All you need in my opinion is this:

  • Drive
  • Ambition
  • Commitment
  • Courage to Ask

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These 4 things have worked for me over and over again. This is not a bragging post, more permission for you to do exactly what I’m doing and find the brands you want to collaborate with. You need to:

  • Be interested in the brand
  • Lead with value
  • Be kind and willing to help
  • Do without expecting anything in return
  • Be committed for the long term

It’s in my own nature to love people, empower others and support brands that I believe in. Since 2021, when I bite the bullet to invest in myself, I also decided to invest in growing a high quality network by surrounding myself with ambitious people like myself.

If you use a piece of software like Castmagic for example and you love the product, believe in the founders and love the way it makes you feel, then fall deeper in love with it. Talking from experience, the more you love the brand and showcase how you love it, the more the brand will fall in love with you. And the same goes for any person you love or want to get to know. The more attentive you are, the closer you stay top of mind. Keep asking questions, keep listening and implementing what they say, always use please and thanks and value someone elses time, keep the ask/pitch short and don’t give up.

This is a short clip from my interview with Lawrence Gunter back in 2021 who has become a mentor, friend and will eventually be a guest speaker at one of my live events. Go follow him. He’s a HUGE HITTER working with top personal brands like Grant Cardone, nicholaskusmich Jen Gottlieb karlkrummenacher & Chris Winfield to name a few.

It really isn’t that hard to stay in touch with people. Most podcasters do an interview, then never ever follow up with their guests. WHY? Because they are in it for themselves, chasing their ego and collecting guests like collecting deals on AppSumo. It’s not what you have, it’ what you do with it.

As an entrepreneur and podcaster, have the resources is great, the magic is being Resourceful and Patience. Long term strategy + delayed gratification works.

Chris Cownden with Lawrence Gunter on Talking With Experts (Ep 19: The 1 Million Dollar A Month, Group Challenges Framework with the Challenge King, Lawrence Gunter! Chris Cownden brings Lawrence Gunter onto Talking With Experts Podcast to shares his entrepreneurial journey, how to create multiple million of dollars from Group Challenges, the importance of using video marketing and elements that will make your clients more money on the back-end.
Talking With Experts: EP19 The 1 Million Dollar A Month, Group Challenges Framework with the Challenge King, Lawrence Gunter!
See the reel:

See some of my results of events we’ve run over the last few year with AppSumo. I’ve generated over $100k in revenue for and pocketed over $ for being kind, considerate, patient and a nice kid on the playground.

Make yourself known within the team. Attend their workshops, events. Join their community. Stay active with them on social media. Lead with enthusiasm. If you are running an event and plan to spotlight the tool, let the team know, we’d love to feature you.

You can apply to be a guest here.

If you are doing something else and think that brand would appreciate it, do it. Showing that you will go the extra mile is a great way to build a relationship.

Telling a brand that you are going to do something won’t work. You have to prove it a few times first. Create something first. Then show them.

Once you’ve done that at least 5 or 6 times maybe more, you can start asking simple questions like — do you have a partner program? do you want to feature as a guest speaker at my next event? do you mind if I feature you on my newsletter every week? How can I support you? What type of content do you need help creating?

Doing this regularly will help you stay top of mind. Eventually, you will get the brand knocking on your door to do business with you. Maybe they’ll pay you to create videos for you, or pay you to run an event, or invite you to join the team. You’ll never know if you don’t start.

In 2021, I interviewed a member of the AppSumo team on my podcast and got their episode and a couple of other high performing episodes sponsored to help them promote one of their biggest events of the year for Black Friday. I asked if they needed help with certain tasks that I knew I was good at and I got hired. They didn’t once ask to see my resumé. The decision was based on my prior actions.

It wasn’t luck. It was my drive, ambition, commitment and courageousness to ask.

When Shaun bought my course and reached out for additional coaching, I introduced him to Chipp, another brand I’ve partnered with. He followed my approach, fell in love with the brand and founders, stayed close to them and also secured a brand deal with them. It’s easy once you know what to do.

Do the same and you could partner with your favorite companies.

Two more recommendations, try to focus on 1 brand to start with then expand to 2 or 3 depending on your bandwidth. It’s better to have 1 brand worth a 6 figure deal than 50 brands with a 2 figure deal. Think about the deal you are creating as a lifetime deal. Long term relationships are win-wins for all.

I anticipate working with the brands I love for years, not a few weeks. This is the major difference that will set you apart from other creators. I’m working closely with Chipp, Castmagic, AppSumo, Resound, PodOps and lots more as an advisor on roadmap and launching communities that are highly engaged.

For example, AppSumo are sponsoring my next event for June 2024 and you’re invited to join me → Register for FREE



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