A Crossroads

Politics, Power, Economy & Race

I have struggled about this topic and how to address it these past months, my general mood is conflicted in bringing it up here as it is a difficult topic, nor does it really fit in with the texture I am hoping for in this endeavor. Being said, it’s a disservice to ignore all the societal upheaval that we see coming to the forefront as this presidential election winds to a close.

I will be direct in stating that my belief is that a significant amount of people that are Trump supporters just want to see the black guy out of office, and they definitely do not want a woman. If for no other reason, there is a longing for the days of the white male being in charge as it had been for years, decades. They fear the perceived shrinking opportunities of a conservative white male consistently and easily winning the presidential election with nary a bit of effort to defeat another conservative white male. This fear runs the gamut against people of color to women.

That is the paradigm with which Trump supporters are comfortable, anything that does not fit that mold is unacceptable. Think about the comments from the head of the NRA saying that ‘it’s time to move along from the exercise of a demographically representative president’ and return back to the norms of the white male being in charge. HRC just continues to place a barrier in the potential re-ascendancy of the white male to his (perceived) god given right to be ruling and controlling. Many Trump supporters feel that he may be their last chance to live the ‘normal existence’ they have come to know and with which they are comfortable, before demographic trends fully take hold.

Those supporters long for a return to a known normalcy, as they see demographics increasingly indicting that it will take a person able to reach a large cross-section of the electorate, more inclusive views and positions in order to be successful. The days of winning by only garnering the white vote are coming to an end (Southern Strategy). With that being the case, it’s important to remember that power does not relinquish power easily. It will no longer be possible to win national elections on the basis of only winning only white voters. Demographic changes in the country are making those days a things of the past; national elections will require building coalitions.

The people that have been in power are dealing with an electorate that is getting older, more myopic, and has been pushed further right since a majority of their news and world view is created by Fox News, Drudge Report, Breitbart as source material. The explosion of ‘Fake News’ and the influence of Social Media would require a completely different article to do it justice. Those voters exist in an echo chamber; being said, the entirety of the electorate is so divided and entrenched, that regardless of political affiliation, any candidate with either and R or D in front of their name will automatically garner 40–45% share of polling.

The Republicans made it absolutely clear at the very beginning of the Obama presidency that their only goal was to ensure that he would be a one term president. This statement was aggressive and unprecedented. The Republican controlled legislative branch essentially said that their only job was to act as an obstructionist to the elected president, they gave up all pretense of holding up their end of the bargain to actually be an active participant in governing. I think the best example of this myopic obstructionist mentally that was adopted is illustrated best in the recent vote: they were happy to override presidential veto (just to win political points), to only realize the next day that in their zeal they didn’t do their jobs. They missed realizing the larger context of their actions and immediately began to regret overriding the presidents veto (while trying to blame the White House for not communicating the very same information the White House warned).

I do wonder in this season of tabloid presidential candidates, the casual and harsh racism that resides openly, and a very polarized electorate, whether we as a nation will be able to have enough moments of clarity and do the right thing and not end up with buyers remorse in the same manner the people of the UK did after the Brexit vote.

Hillary Clinton has been in public life for thirty plus years and has been investigated consistently by people with unlimited resources and a motivation to see her held responsible for something. With all that, she has never been found to have committed any wrong doing. She is either incredibly good at hiding her bad deeds or there is a lot of partisan smoke around her actions.

Donald Trump on the other hand is a much simpler story. He is a thin skinned person with a massive ego and a deep sense of narcism. He is running because he did not like getting roasted by Barack Obama at a correspondence dinner, this run is all about ego for him; and he is willing to enlist the very worst among us in order to achieve this goal. Yes, anyone that runs for office of the President has to have a large ego, but Trump lacks a sense of common decency. Can anyone imagine him giving a healing speech to the UN? giving a comforting speech to the parents in Sandy Hook, Colorado, Orlando, Virginia, California, New York, Dallas? Be able to strike the right tone when talking about the next inevitable confrontation between law enforcement and a community about to boil over. Trump has no core beliefs, it’s all a negotiation for him, Alas, some things require more than looking to make deal. His history suggests that he would enter most situations with a healthy level of baggage because his history has been about me first.

The argument that the choice between HRC and DJT is equal is a false narrative. a cursory examination of their lives reveals two very different people and how they approach situations. I am not here to convince anyone that HRC doesn’t have her questionable decisions, but take away the hyperbole and talking points, review the facts dispassionately, and I trust people will be able to come to the decision I have.

Most people don’t want to talk politics, and are definitely sick and tired of this seemingly never ending cycle with it’s 24hour coverage; the good thing, it’s almost over. Furthermore, as this will be my only commentary, this space will go back to being a safe haven.

I am still trying to determine what kind of Social Media corner of the world this will become, for the time being, I will keep it about things that interest me and that I may be able to speak on higher level in order to engage and make someone think or pause for a moment. I am under no delusions, this space may end up being a place where I can have my late night of streams of consciousness.

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