20 Things to Buy, See, and Do at the Radical Film Fair

The Eyeslicer
Sep 11 · 9 min read

1. Arrive early for free movie tickets, Criterions, and mimosas

2. Film books and magazines galore!

3. A Movie-Centric Science Experiment

4. Meet the Distributors

5. The Eyeslicer season two

6. Listen to provocative filmmaker talks

7. Cinemetal // Female Filmmaker Tees

8. A new fanzine about movie nuns, plus one about Jim Carrey’s best year ever

“Bad Nuns” by Stephanie Monohan

9. Lots of free mentorship in the Film Clinic

10. Everything you need to start shooting on film

11. Autographed swag from Hal Hartley

12. Rare (and free) Posters

13. The Future of Film is Female’s brand new zine

14. Even more film tees!

15. A massive 11-room binge-watch

“The Eyeslicer season two” dir. Bridey Elliott & Beth Einhorn

16. Meow Wolf on the east coast

17. VHS isn’t dead!

18. Even more film tees (Seymour Cassell edition)

19. So many puppets!

20. Last but not least, you might just win this Sweet Bomber Jacket via Movies Brand:

The Eyeslicer

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