Why Is Pop Still So Scared Of The Vagina?

We pride ourselves at The FADER on scouring the globe to introduce you to some of the most left-field music around. But in our monthly column Popping Off, Aimee Cliff takes the temperature of mainstream pop music.

Vaginas: in a world where porn is mainstream, they’re not as shocking as they used to be — as long as you’re just alluding to them in a sexual context. On the London leg of Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz tour last year, I watched as she thrust hers forwards on the hood of a car. On “Work,” Kelly Rowland sings you gotta put it in when we get it on, while Beyoncé says hers is sweetest in the middle on “Blow,” and Lana Del Rey wants you to know hers tastes like Pepsi Cola. But vaginas, we all know, can have many other functions; and recently, two prominent popstars are proving just how shocking they still are by drawing on that fact.

Read the full feature, where Aimee explores how FKA Twigs and Björk are breaking down taboos with their reproductive representations of the female body.