Allo Google! Put it in Chrome Maybe.

I don’t do a lot of stuff on the phone, and worst of all I hate typing on phone. And then there are stickers. For the fuck sake, I just want to say what I want to say in as little time as possible. (that’s would be the case for everyone I guess, unless you’re a type of a guy who moves very fast, ie Flash.).

Most of time when someone messages me on one of those fucking messaging apps that I have in my phone, I have to:

  1. Find where that beep came from?
  2. Find my phone. (More frustrations if you have 2 phones)
  3. Unlock my phone.
  4. Find the notification.
  5. Answer the monster who awake me from my slumber.

I know that Mobile is the king, and Google has to develop stuff for Mobile, and take part in Meme/Sticker Wars with Snapchat, Messenger and for the fuck sake their own `Hangouts`. And I don’t care about the new AI wars with Siri & Messenger bots, both of them are incredibly stupid.

But still, Allo’s Google Assistant seemed pretty decent, at least he can give me suggestions on what to reply back!. Damn! This is going to spice up my social life. And he can set reminders (This is not a big thing, but still a thing my brother bot Wolloay can’t do). And its pretty fast to check game scores on Allo, since Google already knows which teams I follow. Sneaky Google!

I spend like 99% of my internet time in Chrome (Not mobile-baby chrome, actual Big-boy Chrome, with Developer tools open and like 45 tabs). And I don’t think I am the only one(I am 24, I am set in my ways). Most of the messaging apps like Slack, Messenger and Hangouts/Gmail, are usually open in one tab, and so I usually ignore the beeping tab in the far left corner and let the monster scratch its itch by its own (I still have tabs that I opened last year). So what I wanted to say was that tabs are super ignorable, probably little less ignorable than me, but still pretty ignorable. So Google, why not give a messaging app for entire chrome, one that is not bound by tabs, sort of like a floating tab. May be an extension that I can open in any tab in which I am currently wasting my hours(Sort of like how LastPass Works). And then just subtly change colors when some unholy mess is upon me.

So may be Google, put Allo in Chrome. or Even ‘Hangouts’.

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