As we find ourselves in this historical time, several weeks into a period of lockdown like we’ve never known before, I found myself sitting at the end of the garden in the watery spring sunshine, reflecting on some things I’ve learnt.

As a 40 year old (yes, I joined that…

Chris and I have just celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary (I know, I don’t look old enough). Life looks very different now with two children and a dog, several job and house moves — all the usual life events that take place over twenty years.

When we’d been married less…

So much of my early life felt nothing like the movie-esque storyline I wanted to exist in. But that all changed in my mid-twenties.

They say every story has three acts. Here’s some of mine.

Act One

Childhood was for me, like many others, a process of gaining entry to adulthood. Nothing…

I’m free, sometimes too free, to say exactly what I want when I want to. The internet has provided even the shyest of our society with a voice. But surely freedom is far more than an exercise of liberty?

Ultimately, any freedom should be good, right? Well…no, I don’t think…

Navigate — find your way,
Often rushed no time to stay
Shoulders weighed, eyes on the ground,
Concrete blur the only sound
Surface lip-service time only allows,
Light conversation, one of the crowd.

Navigate a jungle tangled up weeds,
Ticking off lists and taming needs.
Pushing through the tasks to do,
No time…

Pizza night with The Family Table

If asked “What’s your perfect day?”, I wonder what your answer would be. My daughter (Daisy, 11) responded with “Flying to Kefalonia for dinner and some sunshine”. Then ensued the debate as to whether it was possible to fit that into a day and how much of a challenge it…

The Family Table

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