Gadget Hackwrench Religion or How a Fandom Reborn Into a Cult

Good day! We hope you enjoyed our story about the Drunken Wookiee cult from, ’cause it’s time for the next fan revelation!

We all remember the Disney cartoon about the adventures of Chip, Dale, and their friends, but the current topic is fans of the little mouse-mechanic.

It all started with a usual Russian fandom of Gadget, whose members were in awe of the object of their dreams, but suffered too much from the unrequited love and inability to communicate with their idol. They despaired, left the ranks of like-minded mouse-lovers, and rode off into the sunset. Soon the administrator of the fandom realized how to turn the negative side of fan devotion into a positive one. Thus, they declared Gadget the goddess! After all, religious people do not have problems with the inability to “communicate” with someone invisible, so these people decided that it would help them.

The egregore concept of energy became the basis of Gadget Hackwrench Cult or Gadgetology. Its adepts are convinced that the fictional character can be revived with the help of unconditional faith. In addition, there is an opinion that Gadget already was born in a parallel dimension (of course, due to the faithful fans and their love).

A cult was originated in Nizhny Novgorod, but quickly found a response in the hearts of other Gadget-lovers throughout Russia. By the by, each user of THEFANDOME can become a part of it by selecting this ideology in the personal profile settings.

The adepts are perfectly organized: they communicate online, meet offline, and always celebrate the Gadgets Lightbringer’s birthday, march with torches, icons and panels, perform rites, sing songs, write poetry and we won’t be surprised to find out that these people dance for the sake of their Goddess.

Why is this happening? What attracts adults (serious people!) to an animated picture? Gadget’s admirers say that the Lightbringer is the embodiment of all virtues on earth, and only her image helps them in difficult times. In addition, platonic adoration is almost inexhaustible. What else would need a truly devoted fan?

Gadgetology is divided into three main currents (none excludes the other):

  • Traditional Gadgetology consists of prayers and righteous deeds for the good of the Goddess.

The main teachings of the cult:

  • Of the second coming of Gadget. It was about the earnest expectation of a repeat of the Rescue Rangers on TV, but soon died out, as there were many reruns on TV, and the Internet archives eased the fanatic torment too.

The cult adepts have an official website, where religious texts and songs dedicated to the mouse-Goddess are stored in private. All these anthems glorified the Lightbringer as a gentle feminine ideal of the inventor.

Moreover, one of the site moderators, a theoretician of Gadgetology, decided to release a series of lectures in which he planned to inform people in detail why Gadget is a real Goddess and not a banal animated character. Realizing that not everyone is ready to perceive information entirely, he created three levels of admission for lectures: white, red, and black. The white included basic information; the red opened to those who had time to attend at least three lectures of the white level; the black combined theory with practice and was developed only for very devoted followers of the cult.

There were even plans for erecting the temple of Gadget, which was supposed to look like a hexagonal pole in the form of a nut up to 20 meters in height. Alas, this idea required a lot of money, so the cult followers had to abandon it.

By the way, one of the adepts created a heretical branch of the doctrine. Its main postulate is that the arrival of Gadget in our world is nothing more than the awakening of Cthulhu (whose alchemical wife is the Lightbringer), but if she appears, she will awaken the Sleeper in R’lieha and launch the End of the World.

Is the apocalypse worth a meeting with a cartoon mouse?..

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