for the love of the game

last month I announced that I would be starting a new writing project: The Fans Tribune.

sportswriting has always been a passion of mine, a passion that has taken many different forms. I have found each time that I just didn’t have the energy to keep those sites updated. writing sports news takes it out of you.

more importantly, one can find that information pretty much anywhere on the internet.

so I decided last year that it was time to do something different. sports news is not unique. writing sports stories, however, is.

sports has played a significant role in my life. my parents met in Waterloo, Iowa because my dad took a chance on a minor league baseball job with the Waterloo Indians, where my grandfather (on my mother’s side) was the PA announcer.

I’m not writing this to show off all of the cool shit I’ve experienced. although being considered cool would be a nice byproduct. maybe someday…

friends have always told me that I should start writing some of this stuff down.

so here goes.

if you are interested in being a part of this, please email or comment wherever this is posted :)