Beginner’s Career Guideline: The Common Questions Before Starting — Part 1

Every beginner has some common questions in mind. I also had many questions in early 2009 and but I didn’t know that those questions are not only mine!

I realized that thing when I started teaching people about building career. I faced the similar questions I had in my early days! Now I know the answers! That’s the reason I am writing here. I will try to give all the answers that a beginner wants to hear.

Freelancing or Fixed Job? Which one should I choose?

Ans: There can have a long debate on this topic. Some people love to do his job freely. Some love 8 hours office job. It actually depends on you. But after a certain time, everyone thinks about the security of his earning. And this is a point where you need to think seriously.

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Here, I am going to add a short advantage and disadvantage list of both sides. Then you can easily choose which is perfect for you.

Freelancing Advantages:

i. You can work freely. No fixed time.
ii. Work from anywhere. No fixed location.
iii. You can earn more than a fixed job having similar experiences.
iv. Work as you wish. If you don’t want, no one will force you to work!

Freelancing Disadvantages:

i. No guarantee of income.
ii. Sometimes clients don’t pay the money.
iii. Most of the freelancers have no routine in life, which may effect in future.
iv. Most of the times, you need to work hard to find clients because competition is high now.

Job Advantages:

i. A fixed amount of money for every month.
ii. A safe source of income which can give you relief from tension.
iii. Working experience with a team. (Not everytime, but most of the time)
iv. Life with a balanced routine.
v. Other official advantages (depends on the company policy)

Job Disadvantages:

i. A fixed amount money may not be sufficient for every month.
ii. Daily 8–10 hours of office work which can be boring sometimes.
iii. Sometimes office environment cannot be suitable for you.
iv. You may get less time to improve your portfolio.

Both sides have advantages and disadvantages. My personal experience says, in freelancing, you can earn a lot more than a fixed job, but there is no guarantee of making the same amount of money in every month. Even you don’t know if you can find valuable clients every month. Maybe you are being paid less in a fixed job, but you are getting a smart amount of money after every month which can create a balance of your daily life.

So my suggestion will be simple. (This is just a suggestion from my side. If you don’t want to do a job, you can ignore.)

If your age is under 23–25 and you are a student, you can try the freelance job. After that, you can try to find a fixed job so that you can ensure a certain amount of money in your life.

Of course, you should choose a job that you love to do. And yes, you can do freelancing if you can manage time after your duty. That’s a plus point.

It doesn’t mean you cannot do the freelance job. If you are focused and really happy with your life in Freelancing, go ahead and enjoy!

What is the future of Freelancing?

Ans: It’s bright! Yes, it’s true. Freelancing has a great future. There are many reasons. One reason is, every day thousands of startups are being started, and more than 50% don’t effort to hire a full-time worker at the very beginning. So, they prefer to hire freelance worker instead. If you check Upwork,, People per hour, Fiverr etc sites, you can have an idea of what I am talking about. There are lots of freelance jobs and projects.

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But there is also a dark side. Every day, hundreds of people are fighting for a single job. There are lots of competition now. And many clients are taking this chance. They decrease the project value and hire someone who is bidding lowest (not everyone, always there is an exception). But it is happening most of the time.

You might be asking yourself, is there any solution to this problem? I will not say this as a solution, but I can show you a different way. Don’t give focus on Marketplaces or bidding. Rather you should focus on the quality of your work. If you can show quality in your works, you can have a better future in freelancing than others.

How? If you have a great portfolio of works, clients will come to you. As I said earlier, there is always an exception. Many clients are waiting for a better freelancer for his next project.

I have an interest in Freelancing. How should I start? or Which topic should I choose to start?

Ans: As you have an interest in Freelancing, you must have heard about this from someone or from somewhere. Can you remember what did you hear or see? Was it about Freelance Graphic Design? Or maybe about Freelance Web Design? Or maybe SEO?

There should be an answer. If you still don’t have any answer, no problem. First, forget about earning money. Just answer this question.

In which topic, you would love to do a job?

Got the answer? Great! Now go to and search “Freelance job on YOUR TOPIC NAME.” If you are finding positive results, you have discovered your primary subject to start!

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Now the last step. There are lots of resources to learn anything. You just need to learn how to search in Google. Then, Search in Google, Read more and more, Ask the Experts if you face problem(In forum, direct message, etc) and Practice regularly.

How many days do I need to be an expert?

Ans: This is a very tough question. No one can tell you how fast you can be an expert. What I can say is,

You need to work hard, you need to practice a lot (whatever you do). After a time, your works will tell if you are an expert or not.
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A real-life example: We spend almost 15–20 years of our life in study only to find a good job after that, right? If we can spend 20 years for a job, shouldn’t we give at least 2–4 years to be an expert on a particular topic? Always keep in remember that you are choosing this as your profession, so you have to be an expert on this to stay in the race.

What are the steps to be an expert on any topic?

Ans: To be an expert on any topic, there is only one rule:

Learn more and Practice more.
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You need to have a desire to learn. This is the primary thing. I have seen many people (in last five years) who wanted to start learning only to earn money within 2–3 months! Which is almost impossible. So, you need to have the desire to learn, not to earn money. I am listing some bullet points which can help you to be an expert on any topic.

i. Start reading related blogs everyday. Trust me; It’s a very good habit.
ii. Keep notes on your daily reading. You can keep an exercise book or a writing pad to take notes. It is really helpful to learn anything.
iii. You may enroll some premium courses on your subject. Lots of websites are offering free and paid courses. (I will write in details in next article)
iv. Give extra time on practice. Practice makes a man (and woman) perfect.
v. Only for practice, you can copy others work but never use that in your portfolio. Copying an expert can help you to improve your quality very fast (It’s proven). But always mention if you are copying someone.
vi. Learn to use Google search perfectly. You can find every solution of your problems if you know how to search.
vii. Show your practice work to the related community, take feedback from the experts. It will help you to improve yourself.
viii. Be active in related forums (especially if you are learning Programming or Development). 
ix. See others work regularly, get ideas and inspiration from them.

I don’t want to make you bored! That’s all for the part one. If you have any more question, you can ask in the comment box. I am going to write the part two very soon. You will get the answer there. And thank you for reading this.