7 Key Tips for Working From Home, Mindfully

New to working from home? Here are some best practices from someone who’s been working remotely for a year.

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I never thought I was a work from home person. I’d spent a dozen years in high-pressure jobs in big and bustling offices. I couldn’t fathom staying motivated without the exoskeleton of regular meetings, accountable face-to-face relationships with colleagues, and more. I couldn’t imagine a work world so different than the only one I’d known for the last decade.

But last year, I took the plunge into freelance writing and editing. It wasn’t just a career change — it also led to a reorganization of my life as a whole, my relationship to work, and my sense of how work happens.

As it turns out, I am a work from home person. I just needed to open myself up to work looking different than it had before. And I had to learn to notice my own habits without judgment, working with them rather than swimming against the pull of my own tides.

As more and more of us are practicing social distancing, quarantining ourselves in our homes, those of us with the flexibility to do so are working from home. If you’re new to working from home, you may feel intimidated by a looming learning curve, as I did last year.

If you’re not sure where to start with working from home, here are some practices I’ve gleaned from the last year of working remotely.

Define success for your work day.

Too often, too many of us start our workday with a sense of overwhelm, keeping a running list of 10, 20, or 50 tasks that all need doing. We don’t necessarily take the time to prioritize — nor do we give ourselves the opportunity to feel satisfied with what we’ve done with our day.

So start your work day by defining what success will look like. For me, that means identifying my top three priorities for each day. If I do all three, I’m good. I may even give myself permission to finish the day early if I complete all three, or give myself a longer break. Maybe you’ve got a big deadline ahead of you. Maybe your daily goals are set or vetted by your boss. Or maybe you’ve just got one email you’ve been avoiding that you’ve got to…



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