I Am Afraid of Being Alone

I’m afraid of being alone. There, I said it. This is one of the toughest things that I have had to admit to myself. It’s crazy how time goes by, and you have such a singular focus on where you are going to be in the next five years and it doesn’t pan out the way you hoped. You look around and you are all alone. No one is home when you get there late at night. No one can be called when you need a good cuddle session. It’s a hard truth to finally realize that I am indeed alone. This isn’t a happy post in case you are waiting on a silver lining … This is a sad time in my life. I’ve never really stopped to ponder, as I have these past couple of days, and truly taken stock of how alone I am. I realized that I don’t have someone who will nurse me back to health or send me cute messages all day while I’m stuck in bed. This is the sad and cold reality of my life. I am alone — this one fear has finally come to fruition. ​

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