CSS, You’re Killin’ Me

This week I’ve spent about 55 hours (just on campus) reading, listening to lectures, studying algorithms, pair programming, writing HTML, and writing/swearing at/threatening/negotiating with CSS. When I come home, I do almost the same thing. Then I pass out for awhile before I get up and do again. People who’ve gone to bootcamps in the past weren’t lying when they said this is a lot to learn in such a short amount of time.

55 or so hours a week may not seem that bad to some people. I thought so, before I started. But DAMN am I exhausted! I can’t even process what I’m writing right now, so I’m hoping it makes some sort of sense. This is OK though! Because that’s what this blog is about! Documenting every step of the journey, whether it be fucking excellent or fucking…not excellent.

Yes, that weird black block was already on that image when the instructors gave us all the image files. Oh WOW…..I just now realized that that is probably the back of a laptop screen. Go me.

Anyways, moving on! You might be wondering what this sexy piece of work is right up there, and I’m about to tell you. This is what I got done for the CSS part of my exam today. I know it’s hard to tell, but I’m going to be honest, I didn’t complete all the styling before the time ran out. We had 4.5 hours, and my meticulous ass was being way too meticulous for what they were actually asking of us. Plus, I’m still new at this (three days old) so I shouldn’t have used my time getting hung up on minor things that the instructors weren’t even concerned with. Unfortunately, I am a perfectionist in the worst way possible. To the point where it is disabling. If I’m not perfect at something the first time I do it, I get extremely mad, embarrassed, sad, and then close myself off. This is why I tend to not do, or try anything new anymore. I fear of failing, and cycling through those feelings. Holy cow, that got dark really fast! Sorry! What I was trying to get at is that, even though I’m new to coding, I’m not embarrassed about what I’ve built. I’m not embarrassed or mad about my exam being incomplete, and neither are my instructors. Coding is just different. I’m proud. I built this. I built this from nothing. I learned how to do this in one week. ONE WEEK! If I can do this in one week, I can’t even imagine what I will be able to do in 13 more weeks.

I’m even more proud of the HTML that went into this. Is there a better way to do it? Probably. Do I care right this second? NOPE. The instructors said that some of their best programmers were able to make this page in less than 100 lines, and after validating my HTML I was able to make it in 86! I felt pretty freakin’ awesome about that!

All in all, this was a great first week. Hard, but rewarding. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to build something from the inside, out, all by yourself. I often will hear developers say, “Anyone can learn how to code”, and I believe that. It might not be easy, but it’s do-able, and it’s bad ass.

Ok I’m about to pass out.


In honor of So Ember Conf going on right now (and my husband being there while I hold down the fort) I’m reppin’ some fancy Ember sockies and a 50/25/25 Ember tee.