For Loops For Forever

First off, I’m sorry for not giving an update on what’s been going on this week. I knew going through this bootcamp was going to be difficult and time consuming, but DAMN! I feel like all that I’m doing while I’m awake is reading, coding something wrong, coding something right, feeling euphoric, feeling defeated, or staring at a monitor while not being able to process one fucking thing thats happening in front of me. With that being said, this week (like last week — but worse) has been an even more emotional rollercoaster. Except this time, I’m primarily at a plateau of negative feeling. This plateau lasts for quite sometime, and then I will complete an assignment and feel like a badass! After that, I go into the next subject, or assignment, begin to struggle, and then question if I should even be there trying to learn this. Has anyone else reading this ever felt this way??? Will this pass? Or should I just approach these “plateaus” with a different mentality?

OK! Now that all that depressing shit is on the table, here’s what went down with the actual code!

I finished this assignment on 1/31. I think we were supposed to use while loops or something. I don’t remember. I feel like I did this forever ago. Fortunately, this assignment didn’t take me the whole 24 hours of the day to do! The instructions were that we had to create a “program” that told the time, and we were given specific variables and challenges we needed to complete.

The next assignment I’m sharing is one I did on 2/1. This one gave me grief. I’m not lying when I say that if I wasn’t at campus with all the other students around, I would have thrown my computer. Every time I tried to test my code within the console on Chrome, my whole computer would stop working and I didn’t know why. I wanted to cry. And on top of that, the little loading indicator in Chrome was spinning so slow that I felt like it was taunting me. I couldn’t even exit out of the browser. I was going to lose my shit. Whenever I’m at the point of almost losing my shit (or have already lost my shit) whether it’s my husband’s fault or not, I start yelling at him. And since he wasn’t there for me to yell at, I started blowing up his phone with texts. I told James, my husband, that every time I put in an algorithm wrong, and it involves large numbers, the computer freaks out and stops responding. He told me to force quit Chrome, and that didn’t work. He then told me to check the activity monitor…and…well…..this was the rest of the convo….

I don’t know what that third, from the bottom, message means, BUT I know the last two ones are 100% true ;)

YAP! Somehow I wrote an infinite loop, and my life went to shit for like an hour. After James explained to me that it was the computer’s fault and not mine, I felt better and was able to fix the code. The end result is below.

One of the more simple one’s I did this week is shown below. I don’t have any harsh feelings towards it. It was refreshing to not have to take more than an hour to figure it out. It was a real confidence booster!

Oh and here’s a picture from before I started the Javascript section, when I was still working on html and css. So this one must have been completed….maybe…last Sunday? I’m satisfied with the end result. There’s only some minor differences. I’m grateful that I was able to get a better grasp on css before the Javascript section started.

(left) Assignment given, (right) My work.

Well, I don’t know how well this post has turned out. It’s hard to think about anything other than coding right now, so my knowledge and abilities in other areas are probably rapidly declining. I should go work on my JQuery now. It was easy, and then it was hard. I started understanding it again, and now I feel like I’ve lost it again. Monday we start Python, so I’ve really got to get JQuery down because I still have a whole section of API/AJAX stuff to do. God help me not lose my shit.

-The FC

One of my first JQuery assignments!