10 Ways to Change Up Your Hair with Little to No Damage

10 Ways to Change Up Your Hair with Little to No Damage

I get it, the hair growing process can feel like it is taking forever when it has only been one month.

I get so bored of my hair, it is crazy. But I have never had long hair because I keep cutting it. When you are looking at the same hairstyle for so long, you want to change things up. OR, you have changed it up so many times, that you need to cut it in order to save your hair from further damage.

Either way, you want to grow you hair, but change it with little to no damage so that you can keep up with your hair growing process.

Here are 10 Ways to change up your hair with little to no damage.

- Face Framing Highlights

So, Face framing highlights will damage your hair but not entirely. It will only bleach the front pieces of your hair. But these highlights change your entire look. They blend so nicely with the rest of your hair, but give this beautiful unique look at the same time, framing your face.

If you don’t mind a little damage to your hair, this is a great way to change up your look without really destroying your hair completely!

- Low Lights

Low lights are the same thing as highlights except, instead of dying your hair with lighter pieces, you are dying your hair with darker pieces. The reason why I say that this would be a less damaging change, is because when you dye your hair darker, it is a lot less damaging than bleaching your hair. You change up your look, have dimension, and limit the damage!

- Color Conditioner

If you have lighter hair than me, (even dark brown) you probably can get away with colored conditioner. You don’t need to dye your hair. You won’t have color correction issues later, but you can get a different look with a colored conditioner!

It obviously won’t last very long, but it will last maybe a week, and you can keep applying it if you want. There are great color conditioner brands like Keracolor and Overtone.

- Change the Part

Your hair part can make a huge difference. Don’t be pressured with the Gen Z middle part. Do whatever kind of part you want. Do a zigzag for all anyone really cares! Make the part far left or far right.

- Different Curling Method

There are so many different ways to do your hair. If your hair is usually straight, then curl it. If it is usually curly, straighten it more! Or, try a different curl. You can do the mermaid crimp curls, tiny curls that give your hair such a unique voluminous look, or curl the ends of your hair for a cute vintage look!

- New Hairstyles

There are so many ways on Tiktok on how to do your hair. You can braid the front two pieces of your hair to create a cute and edgy look, or you can do the Ariana Grande half up, half down look.

Get inspired by the way celebrities do their hair! Try new braiding techniques!

- Hair Accessories

Claw clips, Banana Clips, mini clips, hair pins, hair bands, beautiful hair ties. There is literally so many hair accessories you can try, and wear in so many different ways! There are like, 10 tutorials on how to wear a claw clip alone on tiktok!

- Going Darker

If you really want to dye your hair. Go darker. But please don’t do this if you plan to go lighter later. Going darker is the not-as-damaging option for dying your hair.

- Hair Tinsel /Glitter

Hair Tinsel, or fairy hair, has been trending. It is a beautiful hair piece that glitters, so it looks like glittery highlights. You can curl them, straighten them, and they will last like extensions do!

Or, glittery hair spray has been very popular lately. Have you seen it? You just spray a whole lot of glitter on your hair and you are walking around with glittery hair? I don’t care how extra it is. It looks so good and so beautiful, and no damage at all.

- Hair extensions

I put this option last because a lot of us don’t have that option. Hair extensions are so expensive. The clip ins, the tape, sew in, all of it. But if you do have the money for it, go for it! They are beautiful and the fastest solution to have long hair and change up your look!


You see how I didn’t mention bangs? Unless you know you look good in bangs, I wouldn’t risk it. If you are someone who likes to be low maintenance and needs to rush in the morning, bangs are not worth it. They may look cute, but they will take forever to even just get right. Some mornings, you may end up just pinning them up because you don’t have time, and eventually just pin them up until they grow out.


Do not damage your hair. If you are trying to keep it long, there are so many solutions. Change it up in any way that can keep you patient. And then when you are tired of it, try another solution.

This year, I will have long hair for once and I will not let my mental health push me to cut or dye my hair. But I will admit, I was getting real close to doing!

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Empowering Women inside and out — mental health, lifestyle, beauty

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