Medium seems to ‘get the job done’ (JTBD)

Look at this interface. Look at this UX (user experience) — it’s just delightful.

I know Medium has been around for a while. I’ve actually used it couple of times. But recently, I considered going back to it for my blogging needs.

And boy was i pleased to see its delightful interface, ease of use, and how much it just prompts you to write, without any distractions on screen.

This is literally what I’m looking at.

My Macbook and I — penning down some thoughts.

Be warned — this post will be free flowing expression that runs from my mind through my hands to this computer on to Medium. I did no planning, no outlines… I just write.

But hey, something nice might come out of this. It is often the stringing of thoughts that allows one to uncover gems and ideas that would otherwise be hidden and intertwined with the busy-ness of the mind. And the mind IS busy. We, the owners of our own minds, have no full control over it. We cannot account for its explorations, its wonderments, its idyllic states… So this is why I feel we should write. Or maybe talk to someone. String out your thoughts. So that it’s off your mind… so that it’s off your chest.

Enough about the mind. I was talking about the simplicity of this Medium web-app. I love it! It brings me joy in the thing I want to do, which is to write in a distraction free application.

This is the concept of ‘Job-to-be-Done’ aka JTBD.

Often we don’t focus enough on the JOB. What is it we are trying to do with the activity, the application or anything really. This concept was first mentioned by an academic, Clayton Christensen, who talks about why people buy milkshakes at an outlying stop before heading on to the road to the city.

Turns out — they want something that would keep them occupied while on the commute. That something needs to be consumable, so that they’ll feel full… but it needs to be convenient and also make them feel good.

Bananas, hamburgers and others were considered during the study but nothing matches the fit of the MILKSHAKE.

In the end, the solution to this business problem was to make the straw a little smaller. Because, by understanding the job… we can allow the customer to:

  • consume the beverage slower, thus allowing them more companionship of the drink along their journey.
  • still have the attributes and solutions that the milkshake bring them in the first place.

So here I am, wanting to write. Wanting to express my thoughts that would otherwise be convoluted and confused thus wasted away in the realms of the mind. And to do that — I needed to get out of my environment (i.e. my home office) I needed to sit in a conducive space. And I need to use an app that allows me to just FLOW.


  • bike (to get out)
  • quiet cafe nearby (non-distracting, conducive space)
  • MEDIUM (perfect app for writing. Beats my blog, pages, etc)

So it begins.

I hope to pour distilled clear thoughts into this vessel. Maybe someone out there might get some benefit from it. But at the very least, it’ll be for me.

You see… I’m at a crossroads, again. It’s another beautiful episode where I need to reflect, think and decide what to do with my life.

More on that on the next post.

Ferdaus out.