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Great post, and I appreciate that you address the economics of why concession prices are what they are. If we want to keep movie theaters around, it just might be the price we have to pay, as it were. I do sneak in some things, a preferred candy unavailable and a bottled soda I can regulate the carbonation of. But I actually LOVE movie theater popcorn and buy it all the time. It doesn’t give the theaters as much of a pricing yield as the soda, but it’s also the one snack there that can’t be found anywhere else really. When it’s its best, that is. Bad movie theater popcorn is a travesty and any theater that doesn’t pay attention to its quality probably deserves to go out of business. No burning, no crumbs, no kernels, not too much salt, etc. PS: I used to be a manager of concessions at a multiplex, so this is personal to me.

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