Movie Reviews: Money Monster and A Bigger Splash

One’s a horrible disappointment, the other a great sensation.

Below are the introductions to two recent reviews I wrote for First up is Money Monster:

George Clooney and Julia Roberts are reunited in Money Monster, the fourth feature directed by actress-turned-filmmaker Jodie Foster. The movie is something of a throwback to 1970s dramas, particularly those made by Sidney Lumet, while also dealing with a more modern story of financial crisis and anti-banking sentiment. Yet ultimately it’s just another generic hostage thriller without ties to any substantial matter of relevance to either era.

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And here’s my take on A Bigger Splash:

In the rare times that we get a movie likeA Bigger Splash, one that could be described as a grown-up movie in contrast against the majority of Hollywood product focused on superheroes and other childhood things, they tend to veer towards intellectual fare. That is to say, they’re often very complicated in their plots and heavy with dialogue as if that’s the only kind of counter-cinema to spaceships and car chases. But adults with brains also want some visceral entertainment sometimes, and this latest English-language feature from Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino (I Am Love) does just the trick.

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