He actually did it — the mad scientist promising 300% crypto returns via daily payments, in under 6 weeks, delivers…

Over the past few months, he’s made a lot of people very happy.

But it didn’t begin so easily for Dr. Greene, when a few months ago he opened up his website, announced he was taking investments large and small, and that he would triple any of them within 60 days.

How would he do it? He claims to have trained and coded an artificial intelligence powered bot to trade on multiple cryptocurrency markets at once.

“My advise to give you is to never give up! No matter what, no matter how many setbacks you suffer, never stray from your path. Always keep your route to your goals and you’ll reach them someday. I have learned that myself on my way. I had done so much wrong, mistakes that cost me a lot. But these mistakes made me correct them next time. You could say I love mistakes because only mistakes can broaden your horizons.” says Greene.

Now that’s far from impossible, sometimes BTC can be selling for $10-$400 higher in Asia than it is in the US. The usual problem is, these exchanges try to block people from the opposite locations to make arbitrage trading cryptocurrency quite a challenge.

But, if you can buy a few hundred tokens, get them immediately over to the Asian market and unload, you absolutely can find these opportunities all day long and rack up thousands.

Could he have actually coded the fastest bot capable of snatching these up first?

I was among the people who were both highly in doubt, and too curious to sit it out. But here I am, 60 days later and my small $100 test has been returned to me as $300. Others in the telegram channel, which they share with everyone so you can talk with everyone else who’s involved, there were people who invested a lot more, and also found their investments 300% up in just a 6 week period. One guy turned $100k into $300k and was obviously overjoyed.

For those who strike first, there’s huge opportunists in arbitrage trading. Where the price in one country is much higher than another.

But it’s a complex process, here you don’t need to know how to do it. You just sit back and let the payments roll in.

My first concern was — is this a ponzi scheme or something?

But immediately that concern was put to rest, because what you actually do is give them a wallet address, so for example I gave them my Bitcoin addresss from Binance. They send daily payments! A ponzi scheme relies on the person behind it holding onto most of the money. But from day 1 daily payments came in 5 days a week Monday-Friday.

Now, the latest update added full transparency, you can watch everyone's daily payments go out in real time, here’s a look at what was up there at the time of publishing this:

Outgoing payments at taken right before publishing this article.

This is a little over $9000 going out over a 10 minute period, and it’s like this all day, everyday.


The daily payments allow you to break even in about 3 weeks, then you have 3 weeks where every payment is pure profit.

But the other big plus — you can pull out your entire investment whenever you want. So if things start to slow down, or I get cold feet at any moment for any reason, i’m simply withdrawing it all.

There’s been various programs offering large returns since crypto’s inception and it seems like the ones that ended poorly for some, and great for others, the difference seemed to be people willing to go though a ‘touch patch’ hoping things would pick up again after a few weeks of smaller than usual payments.

I’m simply not going to take that risk, there’s no to.

If payments go down at all, i’ll withdraw all my funds, and now that we can see outgoing payments, we’ll know that this was the sign of things really going downhill, or if they picked back up again. If they pick back up, just put the funds back in.

….and, repeat. For as long as it works.

So check it out, decide for youself, and visit their website here.