There are a few things in life that are just better when they are faux: lashes, spray tans (no thank you, skin cancer), and fur coats.

But there are a few things we can all agree on that do not make our lives better when they are fake: designer handbags, friends, and financial security.

A false sense of financial security is easy to come by. This could be due to lack of information or as a result of us lying to ourselves when we do, in fact, know better.

Style tip: Wearing an ostrich feather-adorned frock is much more enjoyable…

Tax Refund Style Guide

Ah, tax season. If you work in finance, you have a love-hate relationship with it. If you work in another field, you probably dread it. Because math. And paperwork.

I have an annual ritual of spreading out all my handbags on my bed. One by one, I open every pocket, pouch, zipper, snap, and button to empty out the stacks of receipts left behind in order to file my taxes.

Clearly, I could use a lesson or two in file organization. We’ve all got our areas to improve on, right?

While document organization is for another post, today I’m sharing…

If you’re like me, January can be a full, time-intensive month at the office — multiply this by 10 if you have a career in finance and accounting! If I don’t build “down time” into my schedule and set boundaries for decompression and reflection, it will never appear. This will prompt my energy, work and goals I’ve set for myself to suffer. No thanks.

As we begin this new decade, I’ve also been working on journaling consistently. It’s helpful for me to remind myself that journaling can take on many forms, including:

  • a voice memo on my drive into work…

5 Money Moves for 2020 (in 10 minutes or less)

The champagne bottles are empty, the confetti has been swept up, and our sequin dresses are back in our closets (until next New Year’s Eve).

Hopefully your wallet is still intact after the holiday season, too. If not, keep these tips handy for next year to help you gift without going broke!

A new decade is upon us, and I’m here to help you get this next chapter of human existence started on the right financial foot.

Here are 5 quick and easy money moves for a fiscally fabulous 2020. The best part? …

Cover image: 4 Tips to Gift Without Going Broke

Spreading holiday cheer, giving thoughtful, memorable gifts, and sharing the beautiful joys of the season with loved ones shouldn’t have to cost a pretty penny.

Feeling financially pinched from gift-giving can suck the joy and warmth right out of your December. It can make cheerful Christmas music sound like the theme song from Jaws and turn you into a full-on Grinch (with better taste in shoes, of course).

Tell me if this sounds like you…

You have a big heart and you want to share it with the world.

Your preferred way of showing love and appreciation for others is…

Ditching Your Latte Won’t Make You Wealthy — Here’s Why
Latte shaming? SO last season.

Personal finance experts left and right claim that the key to financial success is kissing your $5 morning latte goodbye. All my life, I have heard about this “latte factor.”

I will preface this post by letting you know I understand the math behind the point that’s being made here and I believe that making small changes can have a big impact…

By now, you’re probably aware that I enjoy challenging the status quo. The norms around personal finance advice are no exception.

A $5 latte on every working day of the year (261 days on average here in the…

I can’t stand the B-word.

It’s rude, outdated, constrictive, and most importantly — out of style.

Yes, I’m talking about BUDGET.

Before I go into why I feel so strongly about this seemingly harmless b-word, I must acknowledge that many fiscally fabulous personal finance gurus use the b-word and mean well. They do an excellent job helping people budget and save money.

I’ll even admit I’ve used “budget” in the past to help advise my clients (and you’ll probably find this b-word sprinkled throughout my previous blog posts, too).

But then one day, the b-word hit me differently.

When I heard the word “budget,” I thought:

“No.” — deemed the most dangerous word in…

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had a very exciting announcement recently that inspired this wedding planning post…

Girl wearing sun hat overlooking vineyards in Tuscany, Italy cover image

When it comes to our finances, sometimes all we need to feel like a million bucks (and stay motivated to earn it) is a good quote.

Believe it or not, I’ve found that often times the only thing separating my clients from financial success is a healthy, positive money mindset.

Our thoughts are so powerful, trendsetters. They control our perception of the world around us and our ability to see life’s potential.

And the best part? We have 100% control over them.

Imagine your positive thoughts as a versatile, impeccably styled, compliment-inducing accessory. …

The beloved Sex & the City character, Carrie Bradshaw, had many witty, quotable anecdotes on her show, and she was always right on the money. Including one of my favorites:

“You shouldn’t have to sacrifice who you are just because someone else has a problem with it.”

-Carrie Bradshaw

While Bradshaw’s fun and fashionable character has inspired women everywhere to be bold, cherish our female friendships, follow our career aspirations, and never give up on finding love, there’s another little lesson she taught us, too:

The importance of goals — financial goals, to be exact.

To see Bradshaw’s money wisdom, we have to read between the lines a little.

Faith Gabrielle, CMC®

Certified Money Coach (CMC)®| Financial Advisor | Empowering you to transform your relationship with money - with a fun, fashion-forward twist.

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