8 Things We Bet You Don’t Know About Probiotics

Probiotics are awesome. They do so many good things for us. This is why we also call them “friendly bacteria”. We all know by now that probiotics are good for us, but I bet you didn’t know some of the following facts. Below we’re going to look at eight interesting things about probiotics.

1. We have more Probiotics in and on our bodies than we have cells. The body is approximately 10 times as dense with probiotics as human cells. Apparently, the number of probiotics on our body weighs more than our brains. A brain weighs three pounds, but our 100 trillion probiotics weigh 4lb. I don’t understand why we can’t see them when they’re that heavy, but apparently is because each bacteria is so tiny.

2. Probiotics live all around the body. Most people think that probiotics only exist in the gut, and while it’s true that many do live in the gut, there are also many that live elsewhere. For example, we have probiotics that live in our mouths, nose, and eyes. Wherever they are, they all play an important role in keeping us healthy. They are part of our immune system.

3. None of us have the same type of bacteria living on us. We do have the same strains, but we have them in different numbers and I might have a strain the you don’t have, and you might have restrained I don’t have. In fact, is more than likely that we both do. No two people’s body fauna matches exactly. They are as unique as we are.

4. According to modern medicine, there at least a 1000 different strains of probiotic living on any one particular person at a time. We are only now starting to understand what they all do. For example, we know that acidophilus helps to reduce the number of candida bacteria, which can cause thrush. For this reason, acidophilus capsules have become popular in recent years for helping women reduce the occurrence of yeast infections.

5. You don’t have to take a supplement to benefit from probiotics. Firstly, you’ve already just learnt that they live on the body anyway. However, you might not know that we also get them from other places. Our stocks are constantly being replenished from outside sources. For example, we get probiotics from other people, through touch; we also get them from the food that we eat, and from touching surfaces and objects.

6. We need these bacteria for healthy immunity. One of the reasons we are seeing an increasing in things like allergies is because the world is becoming too sterilised. Our use of antibacterial products and antibiotics is diminishing our exposure to probiotics. We’re supposed to roll in the mud every now and again. Our children are meant to get dirty. We are meant to play with animals. It’s all vitally important for our health.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning about probiotics. They really are awesome. It is important that we value them.

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